Sunday, July 29, 2012

Google launches Web Academy in India with NIIT

In partnership with NIIT, Google has launched Google Web Academy in India. The learning program has been created to train young Indian professionals in online programmes using Google technologies. The main aim of this program is to help professionals and organizations reach out to a larger audience. Courses will be delivered through NIIT’s centres across India.

Google Web Academy Google launches Web Academy in India with NIIT

Initially students will register for a Certificate Programme for Online Professionals using Google Technologies, which will have a 60 hour course duration. From the program details on NIIT’s Google Web Academy website, it seems that the curriculum will include different modules revolving around knowledge about Google Apps and using them to create, build and promote an online presence, including:
  • Picking up on the basics of using Gmail and related apps to store and organize communication and data
  • Creating an online identity with Google+ and Google website
  • Developing an online strategy by using Google Tools to look for potential customers and target advertisements
  • Sustaining and expanding online presence via social media, YouTube and Blog
  • Generating revenue with Google Adsense
  • Tracking and analysing online presence with Google Analytics
The release on NIIT website mentions that Google Web Academy will later evolve into a comprehensive training program offering courses in mobile apps, cloud computing and integration of more Google products and 3rd party apps for individuals and businesses. NIIT CEO Vijay Thadani said "….This pioneering initiative will introduce the latest technology to students and working professionals to help them carve a challenging career path in emerging internet economies."
‘Emerging internet economies’ seemed to be the keyword both the companies wanted to hit here. Complimentary to what Thadani had to say, Rajan Anandan, VP & MD Google India mentioned "As the Indian internet market continues to show robust growth, we believe a capacity building program to help young professionals gear up for the opportunity is the need of the hour. Google Web Academy is part of our initiative for emerging Internet economies and we’re very excited to launch this in India first…."

This is not the first time NIIT will be partnering with a tech giant to offer training courses in India. In the past, the BSE and NSE listed company has partnered with the likes of Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Oracle.

Google on the other hand too, has an ocean of online courses and tutorials dabbling in various aspects of online presence and programming. But this will be the first time that it reaches out directly to the online Indian population in India.

The core structure of the program is based on Google services and apps. If the academy becomes a hit with India Inc, without a doubt, there will be a spike in users of the online giant’s services.

So would it be fair to say that while Google teaches Indian professionals how to reach out to more customers online, it is doing so for itself? 

Regardless of the answer, Google Web Academy seems to be set to empower Indian professionals and organizations with skills to squeeze out the potential of an online presence.

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