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5 Kitchen Gadgets You Should Have

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Chances are you spend a lot of time in the kitchen every week.  Whether you're a college student or an experienced chef, you may need more than the typical pots and pans that lay around in the kitchen.  With so many cool (and bad) gadgets on the market, the five listed below are some that you should have to make working around the kitchen a lot easier.

#1 The Giant Spatula
Have you ever baked a cake and you wanted to take it out, but the spatula was too small?  Well, this probably could be solved with what's known as The Giant Spatula.  Two to three times larger than the typical spatula that we have come accustomed to, this spatula is great for taking out cakes, pies and a majority of the meat in a pan.

#2 The Flavor Shaker
Crushing common household items such as Garlic and Nuts can be a pain in the butt.  With The Flavor Shaker, this is no longer a problem.   This little device allows you to throw anything in and crush it with ease.  Once done, you will have a nicely prepared spice that can go over any dish.  The best thing about it?  Your toppings will look like a professional.

#3 Odor Absorbing Splatter Screen
If you cook anything in a deep fryer or a pan, what you're going to realize is that the grease tends to splash up a lot.  Even if you use a cover to cover it, the grease will just splash back in. This generally isn't good for those that tend to reuse their oils.  With this odor absorbing splatter screen, it won't only protect the grease from splashing around, but it will also help absorb the odors.

#4 Pineapple Slicer
One of the hardest fruits to slice up is a pineapple.  Well, with this pineapple slicer, you will simply cut the top of the pineapple off and dig the corkscrew in.  As you dig it in, you will twist and turn until the core comes out.  Once it comes out, you can slice it up, avoiding the mess you would have made in the first place.

#5 Wellness Mat
If you do a lot of cooking, you probably realized that you do a lot of standing.  With that standing, you may find that your feet and legs are going to ache over time.  With the wellness mat, this comfortable mat will offer a cushioned mat that gives your feet and legs the support it deserves.

The great thing about these gadgets is that most of them are going to cost less than $20.  With the exception of the Wellness Mat, all of these have fantastic reviews and will make your kitchen a lot easier!  For those that cook in the kitchen, are there any gadgets out there that you use?  What are they?  I would be interested in hearing about them if they make life in the kitchen easier!
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