Thursday, October 25, 2012

India's Top 5 best Cars with Low Price tag gives Great Mileage

Are you the first time buyer of car and want to buy a low cost car according to your budget in order to invest wisely and make the right choice, so here we suggest you five best cars that offer amazing fuel mileage and comes with a low price tag.

Tata Nano
The no. 1 in the list of cheap and best is the wonder car of the country Nano from homegrown automaker Tata Motors. Famously regarded as The Peoples’ Car, Nano is the cheapest offering in the country right now and the car’s specialty is not just its ultra low cost price tag but its engine, which is fixed on the rear. There are mainly two reasons, why people desire to buy Nano, its cheap price and good fuel efficiency as the pretty small car offers a mileage of 17 kmpl on city roads while 23-25 kmpl on highways. The Nano price can woo anyone across the globe as it is priced around Rs. 2 lakhs for the highest variant, rest can come under the price tag.

Maruti Alto
Next in the list is Maruti Alto from the portfolio of auto market giant, Maruti Suzuki rendering you the best mileage similar to that of Maruti 800 along revised styling. Alto was the best selling car of India before the last month when Swift triumphed it and is specifically designed for Indian roads and customers. The car offers fuel economy of 13kmpl on city roads and capable of delivering 18kmpl on highways. Moreover, it is quite popular in India because of its low maintenance cost and easy driving abilities along with other attractive features like super cool air conditioner, good spacious interiors etc. Maruti Alto comes in a price bracket of Rs. 2.3 lakh to Rs. 3.28 lakh.

Chevrolet Spark
Third from the top of low cost and fuel efficient cars is Chevrolet Spark from the stable of General Motors, parent company of Chevrolet. It’s the best fuel efficient small car powered by a 995cc engine, capable of reaching 150 kmph. It is a wonderful car that can give you flawless ride on the highways with impressive mileage of 13-16 kmpl. Chevrolet Spark is famous for elegant interiors and roomy leg space plus flaunts classic dashboard along with high quality fabrics. The Spark comes in a price range of Rs. 3.05 lakh to Rs. 4.31 lakh and is available in seven variants with LPG option as well.

Chevrolet Beat
Clinching the fourth spot in the list is the charismatic Chevrolet Beat which has been a phenomenal car with the smallest diesel engine so far in the country. Boasting iconic aerodynamic look, Chevy Beat is equally comfortable and filled with features from inside. The ecstatic roof rails and twin barreled large headlamps catch the attention of the most oblivious person on the road. Delivering fuel efficiency of 18.6 – 22 kmpl, Beat is tagged in the price bracket of Rs 3.53 – 4.58 lakh.

Maruti Zen Estilo
Last but not the least is Maruti Zen Estilo, an upgraded and renovated version of old Zen car. Coming with good mileage and low priced tag, one can easily invest in Zen Estilo as it arrives from the leading and most trusted auto brand of the country, Maruti Suzuki. The spacious car is crafted with new transmission technology and has a very smooth gear shifting, letting your enjoy the driving and ride both on city roads and highways. Maruti Zen Estilo is available in a price range of Rs. 3.27 lakh to Rs. 4.14 lakh and offers overall mileage of 14.5-18 kmpl.

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