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Share from Dropbox to Facebook Groups - Tips

Learn how to share your files from Dropbox to Facebook Groups.Dropbox, how ever we know it is to upload and store our files, docs and Photos.We usually share our stuff to loved once or Friends or our working Groups on Facebook.But till now we used to post the link of a file to share it on Facebook.

Dropbox has been added a new feature to share your files directly from Dropbox folders.You need to Just click on the Add file on Facebook Group tab were you will get "Choose Files from Dropbox".By this you can easily share the files from Dropbox folders to Facebook Groups.In order to get this option you need to link your Dropbox account to Facebook.

How to connect Dropbox to Facebook and Twitter

How to link Dropbox to Facebook ?

Login  to your Dropbox account with your Email and Password.
Now Click on your account name on the top corner.
Go to settings.
Now click on the account settings.
In this page on the other side under social you can be seen "Connect with Facebook".
Click on it and you will prompted with some of the privacy concerns if agree with those privacy terms then link your Dropbox account with Facebook.
That's it now your are your account is connected to Facebook and you can easily share your files on Facebook Groups.
How to connect Dropbox to Facebook and Twitter

Link Dropbox to Twitter:-

Follow the steps given in the above were you can see the "Connect with Twitter" under social.
Then link your account to twitter.

That it now you can easily share every thing on your twitter easily.

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