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How To Make Gold in Guild Wars 2 - Game Tips and Tricks

Making gold in Guild Wars 2 is easier than you may think and this article will teach you how to make plenty of it. With a few simple tips anyone can go from rags to riches without much difficulty. Remember that the in game economy is simple supply and demand just like an economy in real life. The Trading Post will provide you with a lot of market information you need to be a successful entrepreneur. It’s often said that another man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that still holds true in Guild Wars 2.

How to Make Gold

Start Gathering Early

First be sure to pick up Gathering Tools from a merchant at the start of the game. Merchants are identified on the map as the ones with coins over their head. Along with merchants, master craftsmen carry gathering tools and salvage kits. You only have enough gold for 2 gathering tools so I suggest the mining axe and wood chopper. Gather everything you can, as early as you can and make it a habit!

Sell (Almost) Everything at the Trading Post

Use the Trading Post! I can not stress this enough. Try not to just sell back to the merchant, you will profit much more from the Trading Post and also help the game economy. Also place orders frequently. Use basic economics to profit: buy low and sell high. Someone is always looking to dump some items that you can quickly turn in for a profit by managing the market price.

Be patient when using the Trading Post. It will take some time to research and get a good feel for what an item is really worth. Sometimes you may be better off using that item to craft something work even more coin.

Max Out Crafting
Crafting is good in that you gain XP and some crafted items sell very well. Just make sure you do some research at the Trading Post to see how much the mats you are gathering are selling for. Sometimes mats will be more than the items you create. But sometimes the items are more valuable. Items such as bags and upgrades you make as a jeweler will be in high demand thus very profitable. These are standard parts of any MMO so you could expect quick turnaround.

Crafting early on is going to be a big expense, so if you do not mind waiting I would suggest doing so. This will save you money right off the bat and just sell the mats on the Trading Post. You can buy your mats or farm them later on when you have already made some bank.

Farm and Sell Blood Vials
Farm Blood like a vampire that is bracing for the end of the world. Vials of Weak Blood are used to craft items in most disciplines. Armorsmith, Artificer, Huntsman, Leathworker, Tailor, and Weaponsmith all use them so you can see there will be a high demand item. Do not sell these back to the merchant but instead use the Trading Post. You can find these Vials drop from all levels from Beast type creatures, minotaur and snow trolls, in addition to Harpies, Bats, and some Spiders.
100% Map Completion

Map completion is a big part of Guild Wars 2 and if you focus on doing this you will level naturally. But not only are you gaining XP doing this, you will also receive nice coin, karma and gear for finishing your starting map.

Salvage Sigils

Salvaging Sigils (upgrade components for weapons) out of items can also prove to be profitable. Sometimes the Sigil is worth more than the item itself so use a Salvage Kit available from merchants. However, the Kits come at a price and are not always effective so make sure the risk is worth the reward beforehand. You can craft your own salvage kits to save money and bag space.

Sell your Dyes

Whether you are into how your armor looks or not other people in the game definitely are. And those people will be willing to pay a pretty penny to look good. If you come across a rare dye or make one on your own field some offers before using it on yourself. Some high end dyes will go for a couple of gold.

Trade and Sell Gems

Gems are going to be highly sought after in Guild Wars 2 since they will not be easily earned. Everything in the game can be earned just by playing but this item can be bought in the gem store. For that reason if you have a lot of money (in real life) you will be able to buy these gems and trade them for gold in game. If you play the market right you can make a lot of money buying and selling gems at the right time.

Outmanned Bonus

Outmanned is an effect that applies in World versus World to players whose team is outnumbered by those of enemy players. This will grant +20% Magic find, +33% Experience, +33% Karma. A boost to Magic find increases the player’s chance to receive rare loot from drops which will be great for when you are farming.

Karma for Cooking

Some of the cooking materials are only available from certain karma merchants. If you find one of those, you could spend some Karma and then flip them on the Trading Post. Since they require knowing where the merchant is, they should fetch a decent price due to low supply. Also Karma is pretty easy to gain so don’t be shy on using it.
Karma cooking items are now account bound.

Farm Dungeon Tokens

You can farm explorable dungeons and use the tokens to but runes and sigils. These are level 80 exotic items and some are highly sought after. Check the trading post for which ones are in high demand and you can turn those tokens into gold.

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Check back again for more ways to make gold! If you have any tips on making gold in Guild Wars 2 leave a comment below.

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