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Author: "Joanna Stevenson studied Computer Science in London, and currently works in digital consulting. She enjoys writing tech articles in her free time and aspires to be an intrepid tech and gaming enthusiast."
Pimp Your Computer, Nerd Style
Who says nerds can’t be cool? Get a laptop sticker, then a doctorate in
Laptop stickers announce ‘geekery’ and ‘nerdom’ to the world about as subtly as a fog
horn. They are the ultimate in customization – and with so many available, choosing one
that matches your personality isn’t really that hard. Any laptop that you own deserves one.
Proclaim to all who see it: ‘Here I am! Look at the geek, the geek who is me!’ Here are our
top 5:
Tux should be a firm favourite

Tux, the little Linux emblem – shouldn’t he really be on your laptop? If you’re not running
Linux, why aren’t you? Doesn’t every nerd have a wedge of their Hard Drive pie saved
for Open Source goodness? And while we’re talking about Tux, did you know there’s
an awesome Racer, featuring our eponymous hero tumbling down a snowy slope,
desperately snatching at passing fish? I kid you not. Google it!

Impress friends and family with your impeccable knowledge of evolution

This joke’s been around for a while, but if you want to represent your fine geeky
awesomeness as the pinnacle of billions of years of selective evolution, this really is the
most effective way. We think perhaps the desktop monitor on this sticker should at least
be upgraded and replaced with a laptop….or how some peripherals, perhaps Arduino 3D

One for the networking niche

This should make beautiful sense to the networking nerds among us – unless you have
a Netgear router! Sentimentally accurate and the embodiment of geek humour – why not
wear your heart on your laptop with this tasteful decal.


Aficionados of Douglas Adams’ seminal work of literature, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the
Galaxy, will attain unreasonable levels of calm and tranquility by staring at these friendly,
bold words. Put them on your laptop and not only will you look like you’re carrying the
Guide itself, you might find a moment of solace in following the advice mid-hackathon.

Recruit gullible non-nerds with your lies

They say ‘Science is more of an art than a...,’ well, actually, no. I’ve never heard anyone
say that. If they did, though, they might have a point – this stunning sticker not only
displays 7 top activities you can engage in, as a fully-fledged mad scientist, it also does it
in glorious quad-colour. Why not inspire the guy sitting opposite you in the cafe to reach
for something bigger than his history degree? Or, at very least, you could use it as a
helpful bucket list from which to tick off life’s little achievements.

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