Tuesday, November 13, 2012

If Your PC is Infected with Malware or Virus use Free Scan Tools

Windows users need to have a decent antivirus program running on their PC for security problems. Microsoft is trying hard to solve this problem since early days by providing extra software for security scan. Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender are few of them released by the company for its own operating system. And with Windows 8, they are providing a better Windows Defender (in-build antivirus program with better protection and security) to get rid of the expensive third-party antivirus or anti-malware programs.

Even after installing a security programs like the one mentioned above, you may see some suspicious behavior on your PC, in case the antivirus definition is not up to date or some recent virus or malware programs hit your system. If you think or doubt that some malicious software is slowing your system performance or causing blue screen of death, it is essential to scan the system completely and find if it has been hit or infected by some malware.

Third-party antivirus programs are not that expensive (at least for their purpose and peace of mind you get after installing and keep running them) but still you need to pay for that (except from some free antivirus software like AVG). If you don’t want to keep running an antivirus or anti-malware programs always on your computer because you think it may slow down your system or is expensive, you can try free scanners every time to just find out if your system is safe enough.

Kaspersky, a leading antivirus/anti-malware software maker, has released a free scanning tool named “Kaspersky Security Scan 2.0” which can scan your Windows PC for such infection. You can download the installation file from this page and install that on your system. The EXE file is of ~44 MB and will take few minutes for complete system scan (depending on your hard disk and data size). You can also schedule the software to scan your system on weekly or daily basis.

Note – It only scan the system and notify about the infection. It doesn’t remove the viruses (if found) or disinfect the system. To do that, you will have to purchase or renew a decent third-party software or Microsoft’s security products to scan and disinfect the system.

Apart from the Security Scan tool by Kaspersky, there are many free online scanning tools also available. But I would recommend you to have a native software (like Kaspersky Scan Tool) as it will take less time to scan the complete system without providing any authority to those online scanners.

Norton is also having a free scan tool named “Norton Security Scan and Security Check”. You can either download the tool which will automatically scan your system for security concerns every week OR you can use their online scanning tools as well.

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