Tuesday, January 15, 2013

California Superbike School Revs-up In Chennai

If you own a Superbike in India and wish to get some guidance and tweak your riding skills head straight to Chennai as the California Superbike School is all set to rev-up.

The 2013 California Superbike School is a three day course and the first camp is scheduled from January 18 - 20 January and the second camp on 25 - 27 January, 2013.

Indian Bikers Get Californication

This year would make it the fourth consecutive year for the California Superbike School in India. This year's participants will be guided by Red Bull prodigy Joe Roberts.
In the past three years the California Superbike School has fine tuned more than 250 riders in India. The man behind this superbike school is Keith Code who founded this riding school in 1980 and since then has fine tuned more than 150,000 riders spread over 27 countries. Some of the riders who have attended the California Superbike School have taken part in the big league motorcycle racing events like MotoGP & World Superbike Championship.

This year's event partners supporting the California Superbike School in Chennai is TVS Motors and BMW Motorrad. TVS motors will be providing race prepared Apache RTR 180 bikes and BMW Motorrad will be powering the riding experts with their mean BMW S1000RR machines. This year's event is expected to have a turnaround of over 120 riders. Stay Tuned as we bring you exclusive images from this year's California Superbike School sessions.

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