Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tata Nano Taxi at Jammu And Kashmir

Coming Soon: Tata Nano Taxi
The Tata Nano will soon be a taxi in India if the Jammu and Kashmir state government will agree to the request of some private operators. Jammu and Kashmir will become the first Indian state to make use of the Nano as a taxi once the necessary approvals are available.

Several private operators have approached the Jammu and Kashmir state transport department and have sought permission to run the Nano as a taxi. The Nano will not be considered as a taxi, instead it will need to comply with the rules associated with auto rickshaws.

The Tata Nano taxi will have the same fares of an auto rickshaw. This has been possible thanks to the Nano's impressive mileage of 25kmpl. The state government is considering the requests of the private operators and has asked for a detailed proposal. The government has indicated the Nano taxi can be used within the jurisdiction of Srinagar and Jammu.

State transport commissioner Mr Mehraj Kakroo who said the government had received applications seeking permission to run the Tata Nano as a taxi with the fares of an auto rickshaw. He added the government was mulling about the rules and regulations needed to cover the Nano as a taxi.

Reports say, the government has already communicated with the private operators that they should have a dedicated parking lots and offices if they have to run the Nano as a taxi. Further, all the Nanos must be equipped with GPS systems and air conditioning. The fare will be similar to the auto rickshaw fares. The Tata Nano Taxi can be in three colours - white, red and black.

It will be ironical to see the Nano as a taxi. The car was conceptualized as a alternative means of transportation for two wheeler users. With the popularity of the Nano growing slowly, there is little doubt that private buyers will not find the Nano very appealing once it becomes a taxi. Tata Motors will also have to think about the Nano's brand image if its also planning to sell the small car to fleet operators.

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