Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Google+ Hangouts On Air Gets Update With Full Screen Option For Broadcast

Till now Google+Hangouts was not able to broadcast a live concert on a full screen for its viewers, however, with the latest update the option of full screen has been included for its viewers following torrential requests from its users similar to other popular demands like the Pan and Zoom feature for photos which was delivered too.

Hangouts allow users to push the broadcasts to YouTube for later viewing. The performers, teachers and bands can now rejoice about their one-camera-show having an incredible viewing option.

Google+ Hangouts On Air Gets Update With Full Screen Option
This feature is sure to attract a number of music professionals and news organizations. Google is building a strong social platform attracting these users. The platform also integrates well with all of Google's products as it is seen compatible with YouTube. Shooting a live video, recording it and sharing it on YouTube is pretty tough and Google+Hangouts On Air makes this simple.

Google+, Google's social suite has given its users a breakout feature in the form of Hangouts. The feature uses complex technology to connect people through chat with effortless camera techniques. Hangouts On Air is easy to use and everything can be done seamlessly.

Google's cameraman app allows users to go full screen even when there is only one participant. It puts the main speaker in the background. Hangouts On Air was actually introduced last year for a limited number of broadcasts.

This enabled them to go live with friends, family and fans for the world to see. With just a few clicks users can broadcast publicly and see how many viewers the broadcast has got. Small tweaks, incremental changes and improvements are in keeping with the Google way.

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