Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Google to Grow 30 Percent Faster in India

Google admirers in India can expect a significant leap in terms of speed and performance of products from Google this year. Reportedly, the software giant is eyeing to launch its Asia data centers soon in early 2013, which will speed up various services rendered by the search engine in India.

The country head, India Products at Google remarked that these data centers will be critical to the Indian market as the speed of Internet connectivity is not so high in India. Numerous web social services inlcuding You Tube, Google Hangouts and more will get comparatively higher bandwidths. The new data centers would make these services much hassle free and faster.

Google Will Launch Asia Data Centers Early This Year
The announcement for building data centers was let known to the world in September 2011 itself. Google has also invested about $100 million for each facility. The most interesting fact is that it is launching the company-built data centers in Asia-Pacific region for the first time.

Google made a statement regarding this matter that the number of people coming online everyday are increasing in Asia than any other region in the world and the company is looking forward to making investments in this region to optimize this scenario.

The ‘Economic Times' has reported that the data center in Singapore will become operational in early 2013. Taiwan is the next country to be scheduled up for the data centre according to this report.
The facility will start functioning in this country by the second half of current year. India is not among the list of possible data centre locations made by Google.

The heat and humidity level is the reason preventing India from finding a place in the list. Google's data centers need extensive cooling and they rely on outside air for cooling servers. Hence, India would not be ideal for building such a data centre any time soon.

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