Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WhatsApp Users Exchange Record Breaking 18 Billion Messages on New Year

Ever since it has been launched, the number of WhatsApp users has been increasing exponentially. On the eve of the New Year, a whopping 7 billion messages were sent and 11 billion delivered. With the WhatsApp messaging service actually being adopted by millions, many Indian users of the app are believed to have received most of their greetings for the new year via this service.

WhatsApp is the preferred messaging service offering cross-platform mobile messaging for Windows phone, Nokia, iPhone, Android as well as Blackberry. The company has not been very forthcoming with regard to its user base and it is believed, with its 18 million milestone, some numbers will be revealed this year.

WhatsApp Users Exchange Record Breaking 18 Billion Messages on NewYear
What started out as a niche app, WhatsApp has grown to be the most popular messaging service among smartphones and used even more than SMS. The app is now an integral component of any smartphone device in the same league as Twitter and Facebook.

Although there were rumours about Facebook acquiring the user friendly messaging service, it later proved to be false with Facebook Messenger being launched by the social networking giant. WhatsApp is free for most platforms except iOS for which a free download was made available for the holidays recently.

The messaging service also recently offered subscribers an unlimited access to the service for Rs.16/month in a tie-up with Reliance Communications. It is hoped by the increasing user base that other carriers would follow this lead and dish out attractive plans.

18 billion is certainly a tough feat for any messaging service to achieve with the number of messages being more than the world's population! But as they say records are meant to be broken and it's only a matter of time before this one is.

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