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How Satellite TV to Overtake Cable TV Revenue by the End of 2015

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Satellite television is quickly growing with a large number of people turning to it due to its various advantages. There was a time when cable TV used to rule the charts but the tables are gradually turning now.

Cable TV took the world by storm when it was first announced in 1949. Broadcast Relay Service took the first step to bring this service to the US. The negotiations were mainly between the company and Quebec Hydro-Electric Commission to utilize their network. An agreement between the two parties was reached on February 28th, 1950 and North America got access to cable television.

This is when cable TV began in the region but it did not really get big until 1954 and was limited to around 80,000 houses. Gradually, it started to reach a greater number of houses as the networks it offered also increased.

The system worked on a subscription basis as the cable companies needed to earn revenue to cover their expenses. The fee paid for cable TV is known as a rental charge and not a tax or any other kind of payment. 

There is a wide history of cable networks that gradually reached other corners of the world as well including Australia, Europe and Asia.

Current Scenario
One cannot really say that cable TV has died because a great number of houses still use the service to enjoy their favorite television shows. However, does it enjoy the same popularity it did when it was first launched? This is a debatable question.

As per reports, the current scenario is different because consumers have more options to choose from. When the only option they had was to get a cable TV connection the service enjoyed a kind of monopoly as all the customers had to sign up for the service.

However, now that technology has improved, there are more options for one and all with the satellite TV option being the most supreme. A great number of people have bid adieu to cable network and have signed deals with satellite television providers due to its benefits.

There are countless satellite TV providers all claiming to be better than the rest. They offer numerous plans to serve every type of customer.

The Future
The change is already occurring and it is expected that by 2015 a greater number of customers will be using satellite TV over cable TV. This is not only because satellite television currently has more benefits but also because it is continuously improving its service; hence, the future looks bright.

The main advantage that satellite TV has over cable TV is the availability of exclusive functions such as on-demand service. This is a unique option that gives the rein in the hands of the viewers. They can use the on-demand service to literally demand what they want to watch and the satellite service gives them just that.

At the end of the day it is all about better service and more fun and this is what satellite television is providing people. There are a number of packages all having different variables and options for people to choose from.

Satellite TV sets bring a mixture of channels from around the globe offering a unique variety that is not really seen in the case of cable TV where the number of channels is very limited. Customers can easily pick up the package that suits their requirements the best, keeping in mind their needs and the amount they can easily spend on satellite TV. When one looks at it, satellite TV actually ends up being cheaper than cable TV when all the qualities it offers are brought into consideration.

It is clear that satellite TV is overtaking cable TV mainly due to the benefits it has to offer. Nothing is concrete at the moment, but experts expect this trend to continue for a few years until a better technology arrives.

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