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10 iPhone Apps for Music Maniacs

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Apple and the app developers for the iPhone App Store are bringing instruments and equipment that would normally cost you hundreds of dollars right to your mobile device, allowing you to use them anywhere and at any time. The technology used to create these apps means your virtual music experience is now as close to the real thing as you will ever get, whether you’re a musician or just a lover of the art created by others. Music junkies rejoice! These 10 apps bring you closer to the tunes you love.
  1. sir Sampleton – A very simple, yet surprisingly versatile app, sir Sampleton takes its cue from the popular keyboard samplers of the ‘80’s. You can use the app to sample your voice, musical instruments and any other sounds you can think of. The app comes with a number of accompanying beats, as well as the ability to download additional content for free after paying the $3.99 download price.
  2. ooTunes Radio – If you’re tired of clicking through the same five stations on the radio, then perhaps it’s time to break the cycle. With 32,000 global streaming radio stations featuring sports, talk and every genre of music you could ever want, ooTunes Radio is the solution you’ve been looking for. For $4.99 you can access a plethora of stations organized by genre and country of origin.
  3. SoundHound – When the frustration of not knowing or being able to remember the name of a song is getting you down, turn to SoundHound. This powerful app can find a song just from the user humming the tune into the iPhone recorder. The $6.99 version comes with a wiki-type database containing artist information, but there’s also a free lite version available with fewer features.
  4. Concert Vault – Live music lovers will certainly get a lot out of this app. Concert Vault is free of charge and has over 10 hours of live music performances from throughout the ages. If you feel that you’re not getting your fill from the app, you can upgrade to a $48 membership, which will give you access to unlimited live recordings and earn you the opportunity to grab merchandise at discounted prices.
  5. Bandsintown Concerts – Never miss your favorite performer or band again by downloading this free app to your iPhone. Bandsintown Concerts tracks all of your favorite artists, bringing you up to the minute news on upcoming concerts and events. You can sync the app with your iTunes, LastFM, Spotify and Pandora, and gain access to hundreds of online ticket vendors, too.
  6. Pandora Radio – This intelligent app knows the music that you want to listen to. Pandora Radio is a free predictive music app, which creates playlists for you based on the music that you listen to. You can also create your own radio stations, so you can have different playlists depending on your mood. If you prefer to listen to ad-free music, then you can purchase Pandora One from the iTunes store for $3.99.
  7. Top 100 Music – To find the music that has made the top 100 list in over 20 countries look to Top 100 Music, which is free from iTunes. Not only does the app return results for each list, it also allows you to watch live and related videos. This app is a simple way to quickly gain access to the type of music you like from all over the world.
  8. Drum Kit – If you have ever listened to a song and thought that it needed more drums, this is the app for you. Drum Kit gives you the ability to play along with your favorite songs or create your own drum solos. You can layer different drums to build your beats with an audio engine designed to eliminate delay and latency. What’s more, this virtual drum kit is completely free of charge.
  9. Guitar Suite – This app is an amazing aid for anyone learning to play guitar, bass, Ukulele, five string banjos or 4 string lutes. With over 25,000 cords and 50 scales, Guitar Suite is a comprehensive database of instruction for every learner. The app also includes a tuner, metronome and a complete range of practice materials.
  10. Tap DJ – For only $2.99, Tap DJ delivers a virtual sound mixer and decks to your iPhone. You can mix your favorite songs or draw from a sample from the app library. Features include an Integrated 9 Pad Sampler, 3 Loopable Cue Points per Deck and Voice Recording, among other features. Tap DJ is suitable for both beginner and professional DJs, allowing you to create great sounding mixes on the go.
No matter what your style is, there’s an app out there designed to bring the music you love straight to your iPhone. After all, what else would you expect from the company behind iTunes?

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