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How to Combine Social Media and SEO Branding

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Lynne Reed is a freelance writer who writes for several content companies as well as private clients. Subject areas that she covers include Seo tips and tricks, online marketing and blogging for SEO Services
These days, business marketers are faced with the need to improve performance with fewer resources.  Instead of spending their marketing budgets on traditional forms of marketing, they are now turning to online strategies like social media and SEO services. There are substantial benefits to combining SEO and social media that range from being able to gain more links to improve SEO to increasing social network exposure through search.

The search engines like Google and Bing are giving more favor to social networks today and indexing them. Facebook profiles and pages, blog posts, trending tweets on Twitter, videos, photos and basically any type of content that is created and shared on social sites are now being crawled and indexed by search engines. Because of this, you will benefit greatly by having branded social profiles and implementing some SEO into them. Below are three ways to optimize your social media and increase in rank in the search engines.

Select Target Terms Wisely
Just as you select specific terms for SEO purposes, you will do the same for your social media. You can optimize your social profiles to establish your brand whether it is about your company, products and services or yourself by using highly targeted keyword phrases. You want to focus on around 50 or more popular as well as relevant keyword phrases related to your brand.  Your SEO strategy will be hurt if you include too many keywords that are unrelated. Therefore, make a list of specific terms that you will be focusing on targeting on your profiles.

Video Content
Branding yourself and your products and service with engaging videos is a must these days.  Sharing these videos via social media will help you to gain traffic and exposure in different search results. You need to optimize your videos the same way you would your website.

Things to work into your video optimization are sharing your videos on big video sites like YouTube, Metacafe and Vimeo. Strategically place keywords in the title, description and tags of your videos. Name your video after your optimized title. You can write up a blog post, optimize it with keywords, title and H1 tags and add your video in it. Share your video on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  These are some ways to optimize and get your branded videos out there in the search engines.

Google pays more attention now to the social signals when looking at your website's authority. If you have influential users on Twitter tweeting your links, this will significantly boost your rankings in the search engines, increase traffic and brand you in the social community. Tools like Twitter Search and WeFollow will help you locate users who will have an influence on potential customers of yours. These types of users can be popular speakers, bloggers or even celebrities.  Check out the content they share and try to craft up similar content.

You can reach out to these influential people either with direct email or through a tweet and ask them to give you some expert feedback on content that you create.  If you approach it this way, they will appreciate the gesture and will be more inclined to share your content on their blog or twitter feed.
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