Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mega now has 3 million users

According to a tweet by founder Kim Dotcom, Mega, the online file storage and sharing service, now has over three million users one month after its launch.

According to Kim Dotcom, over 125 million files are available on Mega's servers and they are all encrypted. He has also promised that specially designed mobile applications will soon be available.

Mega was launched on January 19. It currently offers 50GB free as well as three paid memberships: Pro I (500GB of storage and 1TB bandwidth for €9.99/month), Pro II (2TB of storage and 4TB bandwidth for €19.99) and Pro III (4TB of storage and 8TB bandwidth for €29.99).

According to Kim Dotcom's statistics, France has the largest number of paying members on Mega.

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