Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Super WiFi Antenna helps extend your WiFi reach

When you add the prefix “Super” to anything, and rest assured, expectations on the performance of that particular noun would be sent to sky high proportions. So when we came across the $119.95 Super WiFi Antenna, there was this naughty bit in me that wanted to tear into all that the Super WiFi Antenna promised but could not deliver, but just to give the benefit of the doubt to First Street Online, let us see what this device touts. 

For starters, it claims to be so powerful and amped up, that it is capable of picking up available WiFi signals from up to a mile away, how about that? All you need to do is plug it into an available USB port on your notebook or computer, and you’re good to go. For it to be weather and UV resistant would mean the Super WiFi Antenna is rather hardy, and I strongly suspect that the notebook it is plugged into will not be that adventurous to remain exposed to the sun for long hours on end, let alone the user unless he/she is in need of a tan. Of course, this is great only if you have a free WiFi network to connect to, but otherwise, it could be put to good use when you want to work from your yard under the sun.

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