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Tango video chat goes native on iPad, makes better use of everyone's screens

Tango video chat goes native on iPad, expands screen use for all
The mobile version of Tango's video chat app has almost exclusively revolved around smartphones. It's at last going a little bigger: an update to Tango's iOS app is introducing full iPad support, expanding conversations to tablet size. Those who don't need quite that grand a canvas can still make the most of what they have through the new release. Calls now use the whole screen regardless of OS, and iPhone users can touch up any soon-to-be-shared photos in Aviary. The talkative among us just need to snag Tango's upgrade at the source link to eke a little more from their screens.

Press Release:
Tango Surpasses 100 Million Users and Celebrates with New Features
All-in-One Social Networking App Introduces New Optimized iPad App and Updated Design Interface that Highlights New Content including Games and In-Call Surprises Mountain View, CA – March 7, 2013 – Tango™, the all-in-one social networking app, announced today it had recently passed 100 million members registered across the multiple platforms and devices it supports. Tango's mission is to connect people with the most rich and meaningful experiences, and to mark the occasion, the company unveiled brand new features that continue to illustrate how combining high quality communication services with compelling content helps to differentiate Tango from other services.

"I'm proud that Tango's vision of blending communication with engaging content for the mobile space has surpassed this great milestone. By including great features like games, music, animations, avatars, eCards, and photo editing, Tango has truly transformed into a true social networking app and content platform, changing the way people all over the world interact," said Uri Raz, CEO of Tango.

Tango's new updates include:
New Design Interface
Tango video calls will now take advantage of using the entire screen giving users more meaningful interactions with family and friends. In addition, the design will also surface all of the content available on Tango that can be used during calls and texts that make any communication more fun and memorable.

iPad Optimized
In combination with the new design, Tango will run on the iPad's native screen resolution and tap into the device's more powerful processor to give people high quality video calls on the full tablet screen. For the first time, Tango will be available in the iPad App Store.

New Content Including Games and Surprises (in-call animations)
To make any Tango interaction feel more fun and engaging, the classic game Reversi is launching to bring the total to seven free games that users can play during calls on Tango. In addition, users can send new Tango Surprises, animations that play in calls or texts that bring something unique and special to the conversation.

Photo-Editing for iPhone Users
In partnership with the Aviary photo-editing app, Tango iPhone users can now customize photos with filters, text and more before sending them to friends and family.

Tango can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store
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