Apple has filed a patent for a curved, wraparound smartphone screen – we’ve put together a video on what that might look like 

The iPhone 6 may have a curved, wraparound screen according to an Apple patent filing, and the healthy dollop of web-speculation that followed it.

The Apple iPhone 6 – what we’re nominally calling the next smartphone from Apple, which could equally be called the iPhone 5s, or something totally different – is probably the most hotly anticipated gadget on the planet right now.

Apple files a huge amount of patents, however a recent one showing an iPhone design with a wraparound AMOLED screen, which appears to be similar in design to the fourth generation iPod Nano, has gained particular attention.

According to the patent, the screen can be 'unrolled' or 'unfolded' thanks to a hinge or unfolding mechanism allowing the screen area to be almost doubled in size.

Facial-recognition, gesture control and the layering of screens to create a 3D display were also described in the patent.

Check out out video render of what such an iPhone design could look like.

As usual, Apple’s policy of zero information prior to actually launching the iPhone 6 has always acted as petrol on the fire for rumours.

Guesses, educated and otherwise, as to what the iPhone 6 will look like started to appear almost as soon as the iPhone 5 was launched.