Tuesday, April 9, 2013

With Exciting Future Plans, Mozilla Celebrates 15 Years

The popular Firefox web browser Mozilla turned 15 on March 31. Mitchell Baker, the Chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation, wrote in a post saying this was something that commercial vendors couldn’t come up with fifteen years ago and that a non-profit organization like Mozilla needed to step up to the challenge.

Also, Baker said Mozilla will play a central role in keeping the web open for future generations. The organization has a couple of upcoming projects that would help people get closer. Firstly, it is the Firefox OS, the mobile operating system and secondly, a more personal and interesting project called Webmaker. The Webmaker is said to help people who have no experience in coding from web consumers to web creators.

The web has changed considerably since 15 years and Mozilla is not the only major alternative to Internet Explorer. The browser market has been even diverse before and Mozilla and the others have to still play important roles as the web continues to grow 15 years from now and beyond.

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