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Best kindle games for kids to have fun

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Scrabble is a game of words which can be played by participation of two to four players. However, in official club or tournament the game is played always in between two players. It is played on a board which is marked with a fifteen by fifteen grid. Little square buttons of the grid size with the English alphabets engraved on it are required to play the game. These square buttons are supposed to be placed on the playing board by the players according to their chance. The placing of the letter squares one after the other by players of the game if results in formation of a word mentioned in a standard dictionary then it add to the individual player's scorecard. The word formed should be formed horizontally or vertically in a crossword fashion. No diagonal formation of words is allowed.

The game is available in 121 countries and in 29 different languages. In English language scrabble there are hundred tiles out of which ninety eight are marked with point value from one to ten. The point value is according to the frequency of which the letters appearing in English language. The letters that are commonly used are worth less point like E and O (one point). The letters that occur less frequently in English words like Q and Z are worth ten points. The remaining two tiles are blank tiles on the board. These blank tiles can be used as substitute for the tiles which have already been placed on the board.

There are 'premium' squares on the board that multiplies the number of points awarded to the player. According to the traditional version of the game dark red premium was counted as triple word square, pink as double word square, dark blue as triple letter square and light blue as Double Square. As per the new version of the game which was revised in the year 2008 by Hasbro, the colors of the premium squares have changed: orange for triple word, red for double word, green for triple letter and blue for double letter. Another square that is double word square is the center square marked with a star logo.

To begin the game the tiles are kept in an opaque bag and mixed properly. Each player withdraws a tile from this bag. Whoever finds a tile nearest to the beginning of the alphabet gets the chance to begin the game. A blank tile is regarded better than an A tile. These tiles are put back in the opaque bag after it has been decided whose chance comes when. At the beginning of the game each player is allowed to withdraw seven tiles at a time. A player can do three thing with his chance to place the tile, exchange the tiles or pass. If all the players pass two times in a row the game ends.

The game begins by placing a word on the star square at the center of the board. The star is a double word score. It does not act as a double word score for the players who are playing off the center square. The game is continued around the scrabble board in a clockwise direction. After placing tiles on the game board the player is allowed to pick new tiles from the opaque bag until the number of tiles equals seven. The player should not look at the tiles when choosing new ones. The general process of selection of tiles is by holding the bag above the eye and picking up tiles randomly one by one.

When a player succeeds in placing all seven tiles from the tile rack on the board at the same time, a bonus of fifty points it rewarded to that player. At the end of the game if a player holds less than seven ties and is able to place all on the board, the bonus cannot be considered. The game ends when all the tiles have been drawn from the bag and one of the players has used all his tiles on rack. When the game ends all the players count the points remaining at their rack. Each player has to deduct that point from their final score respectively. The one who ends the game gets a bonus which is the added value of points remaining on the rack of all the players. Now the player with highest score is declared the winner.

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