Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Goan Girl's Revolutionary Innovation: Touch-Free Technology For Smartphones

Andrea Colaco, a young PhD student from South Goa's Velim, has innovated a gesture-recognition based technology for Smartphones, the creation would allow the users to interact with their devices through thin air. This latest advancement is all set to make the touch screen based technology outdated as reported in Times Of India.

Earlier this month, the innovation was actually presented at the MIT $100K entrepreneurship competition. Andrea with co-founder Ahmed Kirmani presented the device as '3dim' solution, and won the competition for the best innovation. The technology can provide real-time, millimetre high-quality 3D gesture sensing, which can work on mobile phones.

According to Andrea "What is the next interface for cellphone devices? It is gesture recognition. Every cellphone-device manufacturer is scrambling to bring gesture-recognition into their devices. This is an immediate and unaddressed market," she also added "Now with the prize money, 3dim will go full steam. We will develop the technology for customers-smart-device manufacturers-who have already expressed interest in the product."

Andrea said that, the prototype requires only a few milliwatts of additional power from the phone, which is about one-seventh of the total amount normally used by a Smartphone camera.

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