Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hottest Celebrity Gamers

Whether they are making movies or in the studio, some of your favorite celebrities like to wind down and have fun playing games just like you. Let's take a look at some of the hottest celebrity gamers in Hollywood!

Jessica Alba grew up playing classic video games like Super Mario Brothers, Pac Man & Zelda. Who didn't love those games..they were so simple then."You just had the little guy that could walk and talk and the music was like doot doot doot," Alba says. Alba is now a lover of Wii Sports games like tennis, bowling & baseball. Sasha Fierce aka Beyonce loves to play online games anonymously, who would have guessed it? The next time you're online playing games like spades or www.partybingo.com, Queen Bey could be playing right along with you.

Like most young guys, Zac Efron spends countless hours in front of the tv playing games. He has been spotted over the years at many video game launches and says that comic books along with video games are one of his guilty pleasures. Global superstar and pop princess Rihanna loves gaming..when she's not singing, instagraming or partying, guess what occupies her time? You guessed it video games! She's even been spotted rocking Hitman gear. Riri's favorite game is pretty bad ass. She takes the role of an assassin, killing enemies in pretty gruesome ways.

Usher has taken his love of video games to another level. He has partnered with XBOX and has his songs Euphoria & Twisted along with choreography are featured in Dance Central 3, so you can get your twerk and pop lock on. A few other artists featured on the game include Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga & Pitbull, and old school artists New Kids on the Block and Vanilla Ice, How awesome is that? "Gaming" has evolved to a whole new level!

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