Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Increase Your Facebook friends from Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are the most in fluent social networks to drive huge traffic to your blog.

If you are on any of these social networks then your few hard-work will be enough to drive quality traffic to your website and becoming popular too.

If you are having very good networking in any of these social network you will get very good traffic and when you combine both the social network to do your social campaign then you will surely get extra traffic to your blog.

In Facebook, the best way is to do social campaign from your Facebook Fan Page. When people likes the fanpages, then whenever you share content to your Facebook Fan Pages it will be appear to all the people’s timeline who liked you fanpage.

Sharing is easy in Twitter then in Facebook because you just need to do an attractive 140 characters tweet with link of the source. Because of it’s easy sharing many bloggers, webmasters, internet marketers can be easily found here. It is a very important tool for them.

You can also automate your content sharing / bookmarking to these social networks. So that the people who likes your article niche will visit your website.

On these both social networks, the main thing is to find people who loves your niche. Searching people on twitter who are interested in any niche are not that much tough.

So, whenever somebody follows me on Twitter, I send him a personal message to connect with me on Facebook. Your twitter followers are those who likes your niche so, if you make them your Facebook friends then these friends are very helpful to drive traffic to your website from Facebook too.

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