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How To Drive Traffic From LinkedIn To Your Blog

Most of the Internet Marketer starts their business from their website, as like me ;-)Marketing on Internet depends on traffic and conversion.

If they are getting very good traffic with high conversion rate, people are taking interest in your product then obviously, you productivity increases.

There are a lot of source to get traffic like social networks, writing influencing content etc. but generally many marketers managed to build enough good traffic and still don’t get their expected conversion rate.

Starting With LinkedIn

If you are a simple PPC Publisher, these things might will not affect you but if you are an affiliate marketer or you have started your own online service then the conversion rate really matters a lot.

Conversion rate depends on the quality of your Traffic. So, to gain high conversion rate you need that quality visitors and LinkedIn is the best source to achieve this.
If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend you to give it a try.

LinkedIn is one of the major social network and it is a group of Professionals. People in LinkedIn are business decision makers and potential clients so, LinkedIn  is the biggest source of getting Professional Traffic which is having high conversion rate.

LinkedIn, A Professionals’ Social Network

To start with LinkedIn, you just need to follow these simple Tips & Advice :

1. Killer Profile

You first need to sign-up LinkedIn and create a killer, professional and complete profile. Put as much professional information as you can. The visitors will look to your profile first and if they find it really qualified professional and attractive, they will be happy to visit your website and check out the things.

2. Increase Connections

You then need to build connections. Create a standard professional network around you in LinkedIn. Connect with more and more “1st Degree” profiles. These are the profiles whom you accept as friends. So, more “1st Degree” profile connection will give you more clicks and visit to your website.

3. Remain Active

Keep updating your status so that other professionals will always remain connected with you. I’ve noticed ,LinkedIn drive much traffic to my website on content share than Twitter or Facebook. More often you post, more content you will promote and people will get more opportunity to get engaged.
LinkedIn Professional Groups !

4. Join Niche Related, Targeted Groups

LinkedIn allow professionals to get organised in much comfortable way by creating Groups. These groups are chock full of businessman having common talent of field of interest.

Some of the LinkedIn groups are having even more than 50,000 members. So, join your targeted groups and get traffic of such large audience.

5. Use your Blog App

Add LinkedIn Blog App that will show most recent articles of your website. This will not only make you profile more advance, but also helps you to get more and targeted audience.

Over To You

These all strategies will help you to grow in between Professionals of LinkedIn. While sharing you articles, DO NOT SPAM. This is the biggest mistake people generally do. Remain polite and helpful with your connections and Group.

Your first AIM is to get popular here because then you can expand your branding by creating your own Groups and people will surely join them.

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