The Samsung Galaxy S4 is already well on its way to eclipsing its predecessor as the best-selling Android smartphone of all time. You wouldn’t want that stunning display to crack now would you? You don’t want anything to shake up those high-end internals. It would be unfortunate if anything nasty were to happen to your new best friend. This isn’t a shake down to extort protection money from you; it’s just a friendly reminder to buy a protective case.

Here are some of the best Galaxy S4 cases on the market right now.

OtterBox Defender Series Case ($50)

When you absolutely, positively have to protect your phone from every potential mishap, then you should opt for something seriously tough, like the top of the line Defender series from OtterBox. It offers multiple layers of protection – we’re talking silicone shock absorption, a polycarbonate hard shell, a screen guard, and port covers. There’s even a belt clip holster and kickstand. It’s a bit bulky, and screen protectors always reduce the sensitivity of your touchscreen (remember to recalibrate to compensate). If this seems like overkill then check out the Commuter and Reflex series at OtterBox for something lighter.

Innovez Life Series Case ($25)

Offering a classic combo of hard outer shell and cushioned interior, the Innovez Life Series has serious eco-friendly credentials. The cases are constructed from environmentally friendly plastic, and they come in a range of two-tone color designs. In addition to the dual-layer protection, there’s a raised bezel to protect the screen, and button covers to safeguard your controls.
Innovez_LifeSeries_S4 Case

Belkin Grip Sheer Matte Case ($25)

Here’s a nice, simple, flexible, tactile case which is easy to fit and keeps a low profile. The Belkin Grip is smooth to the touch and provides extra grip on your S4, so you you’re less likely to drop it. The matte finish comes tinted in black or white, and there’s a small Belkin logo. It protects the buttons and there’s a lip to protect the screen if you should lay it face down, but all ports and the camera remain accessible thanks to cutouts.

Seidio Active with Metal Kickstand ($35)

Slim and tough is a great combination, and this S4 case nails it. Seidio’s case has a hard plastic exoskeleton with a lightweight silicone interior. The metal kickstand is handy for propping the phone on your nightstand or watching movies, and there’s no danger it will pop out when it isn’t wanted because it’s magnetic. As you’d expect, all ports and functions remain accessible when the case is on.

Case Mate Glam ($50)

You’ll find some seriously bling designs at Case Mate, including this Glam series, which comes in a range of alternative colors (this one is Rose Gold). The glitter coated inlay is smooth to the touch, and the interlocking design makes it easy to fit. The outside offers good, solid protection from bumps, and there’s a cushioned liner inside to guard against scratches. It’s perfect if you want a sparkly S4.

Griffin Reveal ($25)

A svelte, two-tone case might be just the thing to keep your S4 in pristine condition. Griffin’s Reveal series combines a slim polycarbonate shell with a rubber lining and accents. You’ve got full access to features and controls, and the case is only 1.6mm thick. It’s a fairly minimalist option that will provide basic protection.

Incipio Watson Wallet Folio Case ($45)

This folio-style wallet cover should have wide appeal. The faux leather is eco-friendly and suitable for vegans. There’s a hard shell for the S4 to sit in, and a micro-suede lining to make sure there are no scratches. The wallet opens to reveal three slots for cash and cards, and an elastic strap keeps the folio securely closed, and provides a splash of contrasting color. There are a couple of alternative color combinations if you don’t like the look of this one.

Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover ($60)

Official manufacturer accessories are often overpriced and offer little to recommend them over cheaper alternatives from third parties, but the S-View flip cover is a bit different. It is expensive, but it’s custom made and has a neat feature: there’s a little window to the display so you can see signal and battery status, messages, missed calls, time/date, and music player details without opening the cover. It activates automatically when you close the cover. The back snaps onto your S4, replacing the original backing, so it doesn’t add any bulk. The inside is soft and it protects and cleans your screen.

Diztronic High Gloss Clear TPU Case ($9)

You might not want to invest much cash in a case for your S4. If you just need basic protection then it can be had for under $10. This TPU case comes in one flexible piece and it’s pretty durable. It will absorb some shock from impacts, and the raised rim will help protect the screen if you put your phone face down. It’s really thin and light, and it doesn’t detract from the S4’s aesthetic, although TPU can discolor over time so you might prefer to go for a darker case.

Speck CandyShell Grip ($35)

The enticing USP for this S4 case is the inclusion of those rubber stripes, designed to provide excellent grip on your phone. Dual-layer set ups are very common, because they work, and the Speck CandyShell Grip adheres to the formula with a rubbery interior to absorb impact and a hard outer shell. The single piece is pretty easy to fit, and there’s a choice of eye-catching color combinations.
That’s all of our Galaxy S4 cases for now