Monday, July 29, 2013

Line messaging app claims 5 million Indian users in three weeks

Ushering in a new rat race among messaging apps, Japan-based Line Corporation on Tuesday announced that it garnered over five million registered users in India within three weeks of its launch. The messaging app is among the most popular globally with over 200 million users out of which 80 per cent are monthly average users.

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Jun Masuda told Business Today that the company will be focusing on increasing its base in India and was also looking at opening a local office soon. It will be adding local languages as well as stickers with Indian themes in the near future, he added.

Giving users access to stickers, themes and games, Line is among the most monetized messaging apps globally. It allows creation of brand IDs and stickers.

Masuda said Line is one of the fastest growing apps worldwide. It reached 100 million users in 19 months, compared to 49 months for Twitter and 54 for Facebook. It is also among the 12 apps to have crossed 100 million users on Google Play store.

In India, the company will face competition from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger and WeChat. Incidentally, Facebook has just announced that its phone app now has over 100 million users. However, Masuda says only Line provides a rich experience as well as variety of options to users by offering over 8,000 stickers and 30 games.

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