Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On the possibilities of application of laser in dentistry

Modern dentistry – a high-tech specialty that uses it has all the advanced development of science and technology. One of the most recent technological advances is the use of manipulation for various laser systems. Once in their work by applying a laser, the dentist would never want to work in the old. It is not only stunningly convenient, quick and effective, but also reduces patient discomfort during treatment. Thus, patients who were treated with the laser, will be the best advertisement for the dental clinic and its staff.

So in some cases, however, shows a laser?

Consider the application in dentistry.

Firstly – removal of hard dental plaque turns into a fast and exciting process, and the effectiveness of manipulation would be the best proof of your professionalism.

Secondly – the treatment of dental caries. A patient seeking help, initially set up to unpleasant moments in dissection cavities. Conduct of anesthesia reduces the pain, but does not eliminate the negative effects of vibration on the hard tissues of the tooth and its periodontium. The use of a laser to quickly otpreparirovat a cavity without anesthesia, and plus the lack of vibration injury, because there is no direct contact, protects the tooth. But that’s not all: as a result of laser treatment cavity is sterile (antiseptic irrigation will be useless), and the surface will not require dressings. So just dry the cavity, apply adhesive and zaplombiruyte tooth. You’d be surprised how much precious time laser will keep during the working day at the magnificent result.

Do not leave indifferent and laser dentist-orthopedist.

Main application – this correction at the gingival margin vysokoesteticheskom prosthesis with porcelain veneers and ceramic restorations dentures. Like the artist’s brush in the hands of dental laser allows us to “draw” that contour the gums, which is required, and all this fast and comfortable for the patient.

A separate conversation – laser in oral surgery.

Modern implants can restore tooth rows, even if the total absence of teeth, but many patients to stop the very fact of the surgery. It is in such cases, the laser will become a tool that will convince the patient to begin treatment. After the establishment of the bed for the implant will be fast and low-traumatic manipulation and painless postoperative period will give you a grateful patient. And at a later stage – is, for example, the installation of abutments – manipulation will be done quickly and with maximum comfort for the patient.

The high efficiency of the laser in the treatment of proven apical cysts teeth. The operation takes a few minutes and did not require incisions, because the laser for its work quickly reaches the lesion, remove the cyst, while cleaning the root surface, which is prevention of recurrence. And no post-operative soft tissue swelling and pain.

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