Thursday, August 22, 2013

Google Will Now Pay Upto $500 For Every Bug Report

Google Will Now Pay Upto $500 For Every Bug Report
Google has recently announced the popular policy of paying the geeks a prize up to $5,000 (approx. Rs. 3,21,675) for every bug report. In fact, this is 5 times more to that of what Facebook pays for the same kind of bug report. Click New Google Gadgets Gallery Google Will Now Pay Upto $500 For Every Bug Report  
This could possibly be the best chance for majority software geeks to earn a quick bucks. Moreover, reportedly it is said that India receives quite a lot of these kind of bounty price on bug reports. Google also recently raised the reward for XSS bugs for Gmail as well. 

Moreover, Google was reported to have already paid over $2 million for bug bounty programme to the ones who have reported the vulnerabilities in its Chrome browser and operating system. 

While on the other hand, $1 million was sent by Facebook in a similar programme. Moreover, Microsoft also started the similar programme in June, offering up to $100,000 for reporting bug in their Windows operating system. 

Recently Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook account was hacked by a systems information and IT security guy, Khalil Shreateh. The reason behind the hacking of the chief executive's social networking account was just to prove the presence of bug on Facebook that was allowing the hacker to penetrate into other random accounts. 

However, Facebook, claims to have a policy to pay out the guys whou will report a bug on their site. However, on this case, some conditions deprived Khalil Shreateh of his bounty prize worth $500 (approx. Rs. 32,167.50). 

For those who doesn't know, a bug causes an error or defect like a glitch in a software or hardware that affects a programme in a various way negatively. Bugs can also make system vulnerable to crashing and unauthorised access to the systems.

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