Sunday, September 22, 2013

Does your Computer hang frequently? Fix it in two easy steps

Problem: The mouse freezes and the screen seems to have come to halt and also keyboard does not respond as well.

This is generally a computer hang. Main reasons behind the PC hangs are:
Why Computer Hangs?
1 Overheating of processor / Motherboard. If the cooling fan is faulty, the processor gets heated up and ceases to work beyond a particular temperature.
2 Faulty hard disk drive.Hard disc problems also hangs the computers in case the important Operating System files needed to keep the computer running, become in-accessible.

Solutions : To Fix the PC hangs (computer hang problem),you need to follow two steps:
Step1: Check that the cooling fans on the processor is working properly or not. So ensure that the fan is working fine and is clean. If not, then get the fan replaced. Also check for the additional fans on your computer casing/cabinet(if any).
Step2: To Fix this, run a disk scan which checks for disc errors and fixes the bad sectors (some examples are scandisk and checkdisk utilities in windows). If there are bad sectors which can not be repaired, then you need to replace your hard disc.

Tip for enhanced performance: Once there are no bad sectors and the disc scan is complete, do a de-fragmentation of your hard disc partition(this may take long time), it will help the computer to access files easily and computer runs better(also fast in some cases).

These three steps will fix your computer hangs considerably.

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