Sunday, September 1, 2013

LG launches PD233 Pocket Photo Printer for Rs 14,990

LG's newly-launched PD233 Pocket Photo Printer is compatible with devices running on Android and iOS, and is able to pair up with these devices wirelessly. LG claims that this portable printer is one of the smallest and lightest mobile phone printing devices in the market and is capable of prints measuring 5.1 x 7.6 cm (2 x 3 inches).

Howard Lee, Director-Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India said: “Photographs are a part of people’s life. It takes us back to the memory lane and helps us relive important moments. LG’s innovative palm-sized PD233 Pocket Photo Printer is an apt product for our consumers as it will help them cherish these special memories in high quality prints. The photo printer just takes few seconds to print or share pictures online once connected to any mobile device via Bluetooth or NFC (near-field communication).”

The LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer
The printer employs inkless printing technology from Zink that eliminates the need for expensive ink cartridges. According to LG, Zink’s inkless paper system can preserve images for longer amounts of time when compared to traditional printing methods. The company also claims that the technology prevents the smearing of printed pictures.

The printer also has the ability to print out QR codes, which in turn can be read by any app capable of scanning barcodes. To use the printer effectively, users will have to download the LG Pocket Photo app, which allows editing, decorating and re-colouring, among other things.

LG Pocket Photo Printer is available across India at LG stores for Rs 14,990.

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