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Can Apple Regain Its Place As Mobile Leader?

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Denis Richards is a market researcher and an Apple enthusiast. For top quality Samsung and Apple products, she recommends Distinct Connections. She prefers to use iOS 7, because it allows her to stay connected to her MacBook at all times.
It's never really accurate to say that Apple has had a bad year. Let’s face it, Apple has never really seen a bad year. That doesn't mean that 2013 couldn't have been better for the company. Rival Samsung seems to have leapfrogged over Apple in recent years. It's brand new baby, the Galaxy S4 has done nothing but go from strength to strength. Can Apple regain its place as mobile leader?

Yet, it looks like Apple could be set to bounce back with the release of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. In other words, the iPhone colour and the iPhone - well, the iPhone very small. The question is - can it hold off Samsung’s newest model? The Galaxy S4 is currently providing some very strong competition for Apple. It boasts a mighty 1080p Super AMOLED screen with 441ppi pixel intensity.

The iPhone 5S screen is the same as the one in the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5, says CNet.com expert Scott Stein. It happens to be significantly smaller than the one in the Galaxy S4. It's still pretty impressive, but if we’re looking specifically at screens, the S4 wins by a big margin. It's the job of technology companies like Distinct Connections to pit the two rivals against one another.

Samsung also seem to have the upper hand, when it comes to storage. Apple has always been a stubborn old mule regarding this issue. Hardware customisation is something that the company refuses to give to customers. If your iPhone storage isn't enough now, it won't ever be enough.

The Galaxy S4 has a microSD port for extendable storage of up to 64gb, as well as a replaceable battery. These are both things that the iPhone 5C doesn’t offer. The S4 also comes with a special micro USB adaptor, According to TechRadar.com journalist Gareth Beavis, this is instead of the standard 'Lightning' connector that comes with the iPhone.

Yet, Apple does have the upper hand with its latest trick - a touch activated ID fingerprint sensor. Yes, that’s right. Instead of the old lock screen, you can now unlock your phone with your unique fingerprint. A number of validated fingerprints canbe stored on the phone to prevent unlawful intrusion or access, says Forbes journalist Anthony Wing Kosner.

In terms of software, Apple has completely redesigned itself for iOS 7. Honestly, the iPhone 5C is all the sleeker for it. In comparison with the TouchWiz interface of the Galaxy S4, which does allow for more customisation than the iPhone, iOS 7 just works better and is much easier to operate.

It's clear that Apple has a lot to fear from its rival. Each of these phones has its own special set of advantages. Unfortunately, Apple’s refusal to hand over a little more customisation, might see Samsung come out on top. The Galaxy S4 could blowApple out of the water.

Let’s not forget the whopping price difference between the two products. A sim free 16gb Galaxy S4 will cost you £420, whilst the 16gb iPhone 5S will set you back £550. And if you are looking for more space, the 32gb version of the iPhone 5S will set you back a whoppinhg£630. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 64gb version will cost you a staggering £710 - that's a huge amount of money for a phone.

That being said, the iPhone is still the phone that everyone secretly pines for. At the end of the day, Apple knows how to establish itself, in a way that few companies ever manage. The next generation of iPhone feels more like an evolution than revolution, however. Apple has consistently provided the world with the latter. It remains to be seen whether Apple's next box of tricks will prove that the company is still capable of revolution

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