Friday, April 4, 2014

Google to release updated Android camera app in Google Play: Report

Google Camera 
According to a report in Engadget, Google is working on an updated version of stock Android camera app, which will be released in Google Play like Google Keyboard or Search apps.

Engadget notes that Google is including a revamped user-interface, background blurring effect for portraits as well as improved panorama and Photo sphere in this app. Given the fact that it will come with Google’s proprietary technology used in Photo sphere, the app will most likely be dubbed as Google Camera.

“As part of its overhaul, we’re told that Google has finally fixed issues with the default camera’s photo framing, allowing users to snap images with a new 100 percent no-crop viewfinder. That means you’ll see exactly what your Android device will capture before you hit the shutter button, with no unwanted objects creeping in at the edges,” wrote Engadget’s Matt Brian.

In addition, the upcoming Google Camera app will support third-party filters, giving the consumers more options to tweak and play with their photographs. The developers will easily be able to create the supported filters or effects for the app.

There is no word on when the app will be released in Google Play but it is said to only support Android 4.4+ devices, so not everyone is going to be happy when it lands in the Play Store.

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