Saturday, May 3, 2014

Avoid! Harmful SEO Penalty

Must avoid this issue, otherwise you will be in serious SEO penalty. All your ranking and reputation that you have earned in blogging environment and in search engine will go in vain if your blog is de indexed or not been crewel by the search engine especially Google. You all know that getting a rank in the search engine like Google is not easy it take a lot of time. So to protect your blog ranking you must avoid some basics things which are mention below.

Proper Blog Optimization :
If you are in a planning to attract a lot of visitors by optimizing your page then you are making a mistake because search engines like Google have strict rule against the blog having unordered customization. So avoid gambling and do some proper and original (genuine) work which is liked by your reader and the Search engines. Search engines don’t like the blog which attract visitors and brands by doing keyword stuffing because this make article unreadable. Most of the bloggers says that your keyword density should not cross 3 to 5 %. If crossed then your site may harmed by the Google Penguin (penalty). So avoid this and make proper utilisation of keywords.

Some Copyright :
It is one of the big issue that may led to de-indexed your site from the search engine. From this issue your Google adsense can also be banned. Most of the bloggers faced this type of problems. Generally this issue arise from the images because most of the images in the internet world are copyright, and Google is very strict against the blog who use copyright images. So if you are just downloading image and uploading it to your site then you may face copyright problem. To avoid this you must take original image or use some editing software and then use it on your blog.

Over SEO:
Over optimization of your blog can also harm your blog. Search engines like bing and Google take seriously about this matter. And if your blog is hated by over optimization then it is impossible for your site to recover from this problem. Sites which use more H1 and H2 tag on the same page and use same keyword again and again are easily hated by this problem. So don’t try to be over smart because Google is much smarter then you (having highly skilled web developers).

Blackhat SEO:
Blackhat SEO was popular in previous days. Lots of blogs has used blackhat techniques to optimize your blog. But now a day many necessary actions were taken by the search engines to penalize the blog using blackhat SEO. Google started using its algorithms like Google Panda and Google Penguin to check this type of blog. So always use proper genuine SEO techniques to avoid your blog from getting penalized. Make proper use of dofollow and nofollow links. And don’t copy the content from other blog otherwise your blog may be deleted by Google from its database. Hope you like our article on Avoid! Harmful SEO Penalty. Please leave your comments below. And don’t forget to share it.

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