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Importance Of Keywords And How To Select Keywords

First of all you must know what the keywords are? Keyword is a group of words (or you can say any statement) which the user writes in the search engines and according to that keyword Search engine will go through all the sites containing that keyword and shows the relevant results to the user.

Importance Of The Keywords
  • Keywords in your article tell the search engines about the presence of your article in the internet world.
  • Many strategies are there which can be used, so that your website can come up in the relevant keyword searches.
  • Keywords that you are using in your article must be relevant or you can say your keywords must describe your article

Note: some of the bloggers concentrate about the keywords density. They think that keyword you are using must repeat at least three to four times. But they are wrong even if you write the keywords at one time in your article it’s sufficient.

How To Select Keywords
  • It will be profitable for you if you target keyword phrases rather than individual words. Because it’s very hard for anyone to rank for a single word keyword. Like if your article is on “make money online” then do not use “money” as keywords.
  • On every single webpage you should target different keywords phrases. Like if you write two articles (two WebPages) related to any topic but do not use same keywords.
  • Target only one to two primary and two to three secondary keyword phrases on every single webpage, not more than that.
  • To find the most suitable keywords for your webpage use Google keyword planner or Google adwords keyword tool. After few days adwords keyword tool will get over and in place of that keyword planner will be introduced by Google.
  • Use exact search option rather than broad to check the searches for the keywords.
    After your keywords selection will get completed.
  • Now check the competitiveness of each keyword so that you came to know that your competition is low high or medium.
To check your competition you can use “allintitle” like we will show you an example. Suppose you want to check the competitiveness for make money online type in the search allintitle:”make money online”. There you will see the number of website which uses this keyword in the title. Watch this in image given below. 
  • When you will know the competitiveness of the keywords remove those keywords which has low searches and high competition.
  • Then you will left with the relevant keywords and use them in your webpage.
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