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Kingston SSDNOW KC380 Solid State Drive Review: The Best And the Easiest Choice

If you are deep into everything that's tech, there's hardly a chance that you won't know what an SSD drive is. And with technology reaching the heights with more and more new advancements coming into focus, it's actually a normal thing to look into quality SSD offerings that are currently available in the market.
SSD's come into play whenever a modern laptop is brought into contention. This form of computer storage has been there in the market for quite some time now, although it's just recently that the tech has been welcomed by the industry and consumers alike in the form a viable alternative to traditional hard drives we are so used to these days.
Kingston SSDNOW KC380 Solid State Drive Review
And if you are indeed looking to invest on a brand new SSD for your laptop, you need not look any further with a quality product already present to fill all your needs. Enter Kingston's SSDNOW KC380 solid state drive that makes sure you reap the maximum out of whatever you are doing.
Kingston SSDNOW KC380 Solid State Drive: Form Factor
Kingston's SSDNow KC380 is basically a 1.8-inch solid-state drive that features a small case form factor, making it a perfect fit for notebooks, sub-notebooks, tablet PCs and even netbooks.
Kingston SSDNOW KC380 Solid State Drive Review
All this with a smaller physical device storage footprint, and equally lighter than a traditional hard drive. It also lets users take advantage of the durability, reliability and performance improvements of the Flash memory in systems currently using similar 1.8-inch hard drives.
Kingston SSDNOW KC380 Solid State Drive: Power Optimization
Compared to others in the market competing in the same SSD segment, KC380 consumes less power while generating less heat than a traditional HDD, and all that at a fraction of the cost of a new system.
Kingston SSDNOW KC380 Solid State Drive Review
Apart from that, the KC380 also offers advanced data integrity protection, courtesy of the award-winning SandForce-based second-generation SSD processor with DuraClass technology.
If you are clueless about this one, let us tell you that DuraClass features include DuraWrite, apart from advanced wear-leveling to extend the life of the drive and the overall garbage collection, while promising consistent performance and a longer life for your SSD and your data.
Kingston SSDNOW KC380 Solid State Drive Review
Kingston SSDNOW KC380 Solid State Drive: Other Features and Final Word
Apart from all that's been mentioned about the Kingston SSD in the piece, know that it's far more capable than what's on paper. The KC380 is best suited and ideal for power users who have heavy uses meant for their systems without the need of backtracking every once in a while.
Kingston SSDNOW KC380 Solid State Drive Review
Also, it's a great choice for system builders, system integrators and also corporate environments where more system resources are in use than the normal. The Kingston SSDNOW KC380 is the best option for use in desktop and notebook computer workloads, and is surely the best among the ones money can actually buy.

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