Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NewViewWear hides a tiny camera in your clothes

Slip into something more camera-y. NewViewWear 
Life-logging cameras (like the Memoto) have been done before. NewViewWear, a project just launched on Indiegogo, takes the concept and integrates it into a line of clothing. The camera is a tiny HD video-cam that weighs under an ounce. It sits in a special built-in shirt pocket with a window for the lens.

It has several recording modes. For example, it can be set to continuously record video. Tapping it three times then saves the last five minutes of action. Tapping it twice takes a photo. Recordings and photos can be saved to a microSD card or transferred to your Android or iOS device for safekeeping. The battery is good for four to six hours of continuous recording, though NewViewWear is also developing a separate slim battery pack that could last up to two days.

This isn't high-fashion. The available styles are pretty utilitarian, including polo shirts, fleece jackets, and hoodies. However, with a little sewing skill, you could adapt other outfits to carry the camera.

I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention the placement of the camera on some of the women's clothes. There is a definite boob-cam look that appears to be in effect on the polo in particular. You may find this weird, annoying, funny, or a mix of all three. Of course, the fit will differ with each individual, it's just something to keep in mind.

Your choice of clothing style and the camera come together as a package deal for a $189 pledge price. The campaign is aiming for a $100,000 fixed funding goal to go into production. It's a somewhat expensive proposition, but not out of the realm of reason, considering a gadget like the still-image Memoto Narrative clip costs $279.

NewViewWear will inevitably bring up issues of privacy, much like Google Glass has sparked. It's camouflaged enough that people around you probably won't suspect you've got a camera recording from your breast pocket. If you want to be more transparent about what you're doing, you can also wear the camera like a necklace or clip it to the outside of your clothing.

NewViewWear cameraThe NewViewWear camera is particularly petite.

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