Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The iWatch coming to destroy your iPod

Supposing there really is an iWatch headed your way via Apple, there’s a good chance the device will take out a big chunk of Apple’s focus on the iPod. Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities suggests that the complete absence of a 2013 refresh of the iPod line suggests Apple is bringing in a new force to supplant it. I believe that Apple’s age of the wireless music player will take shape in the form of the iWatch, either holding the music itself or bouncing the music to one’s car stereo (smart stereo, that is) from the iPhone.

Apple’s iWatch would never be reliant on another piece of equipment to work. The biggest obstacle in Apple’s way when it comes to making a device self-reliant is making certain it has enough internal storage space to hold what a consumer wants to hold. Thanks you iFixit we’ve got a good view of what that means for a device like the iPod Shuffle 4th generation, one of the smallest devices Apple has yet produced.

Above you’ll see some Apple-branded flash memory. This is easily the largest piece of architecture on the board - the same is true of memory in the iPhone - but it’s still small enough to fit in the iPod Apple supported as wrist-ready.

Apple continues to push their AirPlay protocol for devices like the Apple TV - and if this iWatch line is meant to replace the iPod, it’ll support streaming to all Apple-made devices that make sense to stream to. Like CarPlay, for instance.

Instead of needing to pull out your iPhone whenever you’re going to take a drive, you’ll tap (or have automatically activated) your iWatch to connect with CarPlay to your vehicle. Switching music tracks will be as simple as it is with the iPhone, with Siri, but here you’ll have Siri on your wrist for slightly more instant access.

Blair of Rosenblatt Securities also suggested this week that the iWatch would be circular and that it’d be thinner than the Moto 360, Motorola’s smart watch for Android Wear. Sound reasonable to you?

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