Friday, September 26, 2014

High-Tech Bed Brings the Night Sky Indoors

Industrial designer Natalia Rumyantseva has harnessed the beauty of the night sky so we can enjoy it everyday, no matter where we live. Her design, The Cosmos Bed, is a white, fiberglass structure that’s shaped like a cross-sectioned egg or capsule you’d find in a science fiction film. It features a few high-tech details that will no doubt lull you to sleep, including an audio system that plays calming music or white noise, easy-on-the-eyes LED lighting, and aromatic dispensers to emit scents that induce drowsiness. The slope of the mattress is adjustable to ensure that you’re never uncomfortable. And, when it’s reluctantly time to wake up, the bed will sound the alarm for you.
The Cosmos Bed is perfect for those who like to camp or gaze at the stars, but don’t want to deal with the unpleasant aspects of being outdoors, like mosquito bites or suffering the occasional downpour. If you're a urban dweller, you are sure to find this bed an oasis, especially if light pollution and the calamity of sirens are part of your everyday existence. Drifting to sleep, Rumyantseva's design restores a sense of tranquility to our lives and makes for pleasant dreams.

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