Saturday, September 13, 2014

Why NetworkedBlogs May Not Be a Good Idea

You’ve set up a Facebook fan page, uploaded a profile image and filled in all the relevant informational fields. You’ve sent out requests to your friends and customers asking them to like your page. The next step is to add the NetworkedBlogs app so your new blog posts automatically publish to your wall, right?

Not necessarily.

While the NetworkedBlogs app adds a lot in the way of saving you time, it may be stealing from you in a different way – by keeping your page views for itself.
Networked Blogs

NetworkedBlogs turns the sharing of your latest blog post into an automated process.  Within minutes of a new post publishing on your website, NetworkedBlogs publishes the post title and link to your Facebook fan page wall along with sending out a tweet to Twitter.  NetworkedBlogs tweets are easily identified.  Notice how the URL looks as it is spells out N Blogs?
Anyone who clicks through a NetworkedBlogs link (either from a tweet or from a Facebook fan page) is in fact taken to your latest blog post, but upon closer look, you’ll notice a few key differences.
 1. A Networked Blogs URL
By clicking on the link shown above, you are taken to Eli | Rose Social Media.  But if you take a closer look at the URL shown you’ll see that it doesn’t read as, but instead as

2. An Alexa rating that reflects Networked Blogs and not your website
You would need to have the Alexa toolbar installed on your browser to see this traffic rating difference, but NetworkedBlogs has a rating of 824  (at the time of writing) to Eli | Rose Social Media’s rating of 265,289. When viewing this Eli | Rose post through the NetworkedBlogs link, the Alexa rating displayed was 824.
3. A light grey toolbar appears
A light grey toolbar appears at the top of the post.  It displays a shortened URL that begins with “feedproxy” and has an “X” button at the far right.  If you click the “X,” the toolbar will disappear.  Also by clicking the “X,” you’ll be able to see the Alexa rating change.

4. NetworkedBlogs favicon next to your post title
It does, in fact, list the correct post title of our Eli | Rose post; however the branded orange and blue NetworkedBlogs favicon is a can’t miss.

How does NetworkedBlogs Affect my EdgeRank Score?
EdgeRank is the algorithm Facebook uses to determine which of your updates are shown to which fans. Using a third party app such as NetworkedBlogs to do your posting yields a much lower EdgeRank score. So, in essence, using NetworkedBlogs could negatively affect your EdgeRank and overall fan engagement.

Should Everyone Ditch NetworkedBlogs?
Again, not necessarily.

For most bloggers, pageviews reign supreme. Plus, you can set up Feedburner to send out a tweet when a new post publishes. However, etsy shop owners and small businesses who blog as an add-on to their primary business function may be willing to sacrifice the lower impressions count their auto-posted updates receive in order to have one less item on their daily To Do lists.

There is still a level of convenience and functionality with this Facebook app. But for those who crave the pageviews or want to maintain their EdgeRank level, manually linking your latest blog post may be the way to go.

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