Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Benefits of Bad Link Removal Services

 If you are a Google partner, you will be very much interested in the announcement that Matt Cutts (head of Google WebSpam team) gave recently. He says that his team had recently carried out an experiment to test their search results by switching off the link data as a part of their routine algorithm. He added that the results would have been much worse if they had to conduct the experiment in real life.


Recently Google has changed its stance for SEO link building and rendered many effective links as spammy. Many websites that have been using this bad link building techniques have been hit with Google’s penalty. If you have bad links, this is the right time to get rid of them and be safe from penalties that can burn a hole in your pocket.

There are some very good bad link removal services that will provide excellent service, but they may not be in a position to remove all the links. So, when you are in talks with a good link removal company or expert, you will have to check out the percentage of removal that you can expect from the deal. If you have an online campaign running along, you will be aghast to see that it too gets affected by Google’s algorithm. To get your online marketing campaign back on track, you will have to make sure that all your bad links are removed. There is no way that you can sanitize your bad link. In other words, once a link is termed as bad, it will remain bad.

However, you can check with Google if they can re-consider their decision. In April 2012, Google launched its first algorithm called Penguin, which is considered to be an infamous algorithm. Ever since its launch, there have been several updates to the algorithm that have created havoc in the internet world. The main goal of Penguin is to identify the links that have been made with the sole intention of gaining advantage on the search engine. Ever since the release of this algorithm, there have been high-profile casualties and more and more websites have been penalized for unethical practices.

If you feel that your website has been hit by a Penguin penalty, then you will have to take some corrective action immediately. Every hour that you delay will result in losses that can heavily impact your business. If you hire a link removal expert or service, he or she will gather the data that is needed to look at the backlink profile. There are some very effective tools such as LinkRisk that can automate the searching process.

Once the report is got, the bad link removal expert will analyze each of them individually. This is done to assess the risks they pose on you website. Once it is determined that a link is bad, the link removal expert will recommend the removal of such links from the backlink profile. There are basically two ways in which the bad links can be removed. The first method is the automatic method and the second is the manual method.

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