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Google’s Sweet Tooth Choice for Android 5.0 Update – Lollipop vs Lime Pie

Google certainly has a huge sweet tooth which is quite evident by the sugary android updates it has launched till date. 11 updates have been lined up by Google till present time; amongst which Version 4.4 is the latest one; having code-name, KitKat. However, a number of tech enthusiasts expected it to be the launch of Android version 5.0 in the late summer of year 2013 with code-name “Key Lime Pie” following the traditional alphabetical order of updates. But both the apprehensions were proved wrong right when a Twitter update from Android team lead; Sundar Pichai was received of a picture showing an android-KitKat statue.
Android Updates
Controversy About 4.5 vs 5.0 Update
Most of us haven’t even tasted the chocolaty features of last Android update; KitKat yet and speculations have already started being made out about another update from Google for its next Android Version.
And since the last update was KitKat the next one apparently seems to be starting with the letterL; going by the alphabetical order Google has been following.
But what’s more intriguing is the choice of eatable that will be selected this time. Each and every update from Google Android has been based on a sweet edible item; whether it’s a candy or dessert.
Interesting Fact
There is a battle going on in a number of sites online about a variety of sweets starting with the letter L. Some say it would be Lassi; (sweet flavored cream buttermilk consumed mostly in Northern parts of India) or Ladoo (a ball shaped Indian sweet). These assumptions, however, are being made due to the Android head; Sundar Pichai’s Indian-origin.
But, Lollipop vs. Lime Pie is the ongoing battle apart from the assumptions made by some random android enthusiasts.
What Can Be Expected From The Next Update?
Though a lot of guesses were being made about the launch to be made official at the Google I/O this summer as an official update is usually made a few months before the launch which is expected to take place in October this year.
But soon after the word got spread; Android head; Sundar Pichai, straightened out things saying that I/O isn’t the right time to give way to new product or OS launches instead; it will be focusing on new Apps and services. 
Nevertheless, besides that; users can expect to have a 64-bit support and Google Now added to their OS along with a whole new set of features and interface.
Rumor has it; that Google will stick by its usual practice of launching the next update for Android along with a new version of the Nexus smartphone. And this time it is being said that the initially launch will be done on Nexus 6 and afterwards on Nexus 7 and 10 tablets.
It is also being said that Google has decided on version 4.5 as the forthcoming update rather than 5.0 by giving it a stretch for a bit more time.
Top Features Expected From This Year’s Android Update
Though the hardware teams i.e. android phone manufacturers and OEM’s are having a hard time coping up with android updates being quickly introduced. But people otherwise are as usual excited about it.
NOTE: Reportedly, it is being stated that the upcoming Android update will target business professionals this time.
Whether these are just speculations or features wished by some supporters of Android, we bring to you some of the most talked about qualities expected from the forthcoming update:
  1. HTML5 Powered: Chances are that the 5.0 android update will bring in the functional multiple task execution window. Expectations are that this will show apps in an interactive windows powered by HTML5. This way you can carry out actions on the usually static screenshot list used for opening apps. Replying to an email directly from the multitasking window would be possible without having to access the app completely.
  1. Unified Messaging: This is something if provisioned by Google Babble would definitely benefit a lot of users. It is being said that the update will unify a variety of chat services from Google at one place. This will certainly offer convenient and fast access to chats. This may include apps like; Talk, Messenger, Hangout, Chat for Google Drive, Voice, and Google+ Chat.
  1. “Ok Google”: This voice command feature is expected to be integrated across the future Android update known as the Ok, Google everywhere. On devices like Nexus 5 or Moto X, saying ‘Ok Google’ begins a Google Now search while on other devices you need to first open Google Now and then give a voice command. In addition to that, when you give in this command while going through your picture gallery will show options that either allows sharing any of the pictures via Facebook or email. Your fingers won’t have to do the work anymore.
Unfortunately, it is hard to give any assurance about the features or news regarding next Android update until an officially word is give in by Google. But, we’re certainly excited to find out what Google has to offer us with, this time. Similar to anyone else awaiting the update, we are also dependent upon the timely leaks on the web about the same. Official release date announcement is no exception but until it’s revealed; continue to have your chocolaty KitKat breaks with Android 4.4 and expect for an unexpectedly splendid range of features in the next update.

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