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Neutron - A Full-Blown Windows PC in the Palm of Your Hand

Hold the power of an x64 platform in the palm of your hand! The Neutron is one of the tiniest Intel powered Window's PCs in the world!

The Neutron will change the way you think about a desktop computer.

When you normally think of a desktop computer, you usually think of a big, dull, black box that sits on (or under) your desk. The Neutron shatters those perceptions by delivering all that you expect from a high-end desktop tower in an impossibly small and stylish package.  
Stunning, no?
Stunning, no?

A revolution in desktop computing.

The Neutron promises to change everything about what desktop computing means. The desktop PCs of today are anything but portable, but the Neutron blurs the lines between portable and stationary computers. Being even smaller than a can of cola, the Neutron can easily be thrown in a backpack and taken on the go. Don’t let the size fool you though, this ain’t no Raspberry Pi. The Neutron has the specs and performance to take on desktops high above its weight class. 

A design phenomenon. 

With looks that rival even custom modded PCs, the Neutron is hands down one of the most beautiful and different desktop computers on the market. Where normal desktops won’t get so much as a passing glance, the Neutron is sure to turn heads. Our amazing fluorescent acrylic colors were chosen to fit any style and the transparency allows you to view the inner workings of your Neutron. We picked seven amazing colors for you to choose from, so you can get the Neutron that’s right for you! 
Pretty from all angles
Pretty from all angles

Welcome to the Next Unit of Computing.

The Neutron is a computer with one of the greatest performance to size ratios ever. This is made possible by our incorporation of Intel's latest generation Next Unit of Computing (NUC) boards. With the power (and extremely low energy usage) of NUC boards, we are able to deliver a truly tiny computer in a complete solution that works right out of the box. Some of the best features of NUC and Neutron include:
4th Generation Intel Haswell Processors
The Neutron utilizes the latest Intel Haswell i3 and i5 processors to provide an excellent user experience while being extremely energy efficient. As a result, the entire Neutron consumes less power that just the processor in most desktops!
Up to 16GB of fast DDR3 Memory
We don't believe in compromise, so we included a whopping 8GB of 1600MHz dual-channel memory in the baseline Neutron! That's double the memory of most computers and will keep you future-proofed for years to come. You thought that was good? The Neutron Pro comes with 16GB of DDR3 memory. Go ahead, open as many tabs as you can, we dare you.
Blazing-fast mSATA Flash Storage
The hard drive is dead, long live Solid State Drives! The benefits of SSDs over conventional hard drives are enormous: way faster read/write speeds,  super energy efficiency, longer lifetimes and can be shaken around with no problems! Flash storage also allows for ridiculously short boot times and can load big programs and games in a snap. mSATA SSDs are the smallest and most energy efficient SSDs around, so they were a natural fit for Neutron. We included a 256GB SSD with every Neutron pre-loaded with Windows 8.1. Need more space? The Neutron Pro offers a massive 480GB SSD for all your content.
Supports Up to Three Monitors at Once
The Neutron can support up to three individual monitor outputs at once with full 1080p video or better. The Mini Displayport and Mini HDMI port allow for a variety of displays and display combinations to be used.
USB 3.0 Onboard
The Neutron has four USB 3.0 ports, two of which are on the back and two in the front. USB 3.0 is the next generation of USB distinguished by its bright blue inner plastic. USB 3.0 is 10x faster than traditional USB 2.0, and  can transfer data from external hard drives and flash drives extremely quickly.
Latest Generation Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11AC Wifi
The Neutron is a wireless master. With the latest energy-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 and the fastest 802.11AC Wifi standard in every Neutron, you will be able to connect with your devices and to the internet faster and more efficiently than ever before.
Works Right Out of the Box
Every Neutron comes with everything you need to get going right away. We pre-load Windows 8.1 onto every Neutron, as well as provide power and a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable. The Neutron is an extremely capable machine, and while most computers of this size will consign themselves to just running Linux, the Neutron can take full advantage of Windows 8.1 and more.

Ultra Portable.

The Neutron is probably the most portable desktop computer ever. It is small enough to slip into a backpack, laptop bag or even a purse. You can take Neutron with your wherever you go, and thanks to the internal Solid State Drive you don't need to worry about bumping it around. Take it to work, school, LAN parties and more. In about the same size as an external hard drive, you can carry your entire computer with you!

Two models for every need:

We're offering two versions of the Neutron, the Neutron and the Neutron Pro! The Neutron is great for those who need a very powerful computer in an extremely tiny footprint, While the Neutron Pro is for those who need a very, VERY powerful computer in an extremely tiny footprint!

Seven stunning colors to choose from.

The Neutron and Neutron Pro come in two non-fluorescent colors: clear and smoked black. The Neutron also comes in five really cool fluorescent acrylics: red, orange, green, blue and purple. These colors absorb and refract light extremely well to get a glow that looks awesome. Your Neutron will look really good in the sun and in the dark thanks to these translucent colors and an internal LED. While the examples below are just a mock up of what's to come (the orange one is a working prototype), we are already in talks with a plastics supplier and the end colors with be very similar.

This holiday, give the gift of Neutron.

We are shipping all Neutrons from the Kickstarter campaign out in time for Christmas! That means you can either give them to yourself as a present (I know I would!) or you can gift them to deserving friends and family! We are also working on some really cool product packaging so anyone receiving a Neutron will be wowed as soon as they see it!

Production Timeline:

  • October-Mid November: Kickstarter Campaign, complete Neutron design, complete product packaging design.
  • November: Send/receive surveys, source components and materials, begin initial case assembly.
  • November-December: Neutron Assembly/OS flashing, product packaging.
  • December: Delivery.

Why Kickstarter?

We wanted to bring the Neutron and Atom Computer to as many people as we could to validate our philosophy. While the Neutron is our first product, it most certainly won't be our last. We came to Kickstarter to raise awareness of Atom Computer so that we can become a new computer company dedicated to exploring new and interesting form factors. We aren't here just to sell Neutrons, we are here to build a community of people that believe in our vision and build a company around that vision. We realize that the percentage Kickstarter takes is high, and we have definitely had to take that into account when pricing the Neutrons. However, when you buy a Neutron from us in this campaign you are not only buying a computer, but helping us start a company with a grand vision for the future of computers. We have no intention of being just another boutique PC maker, and we hope you will help us achieve that vision!

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