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6 hot portable speakers you can buy

Here's a list of six supreme-sounding travel speakers that you can carry like a can of beer, put on the dashboard like a coaster or fit in the bulb-holder!

Disclaimer: Prices may vary from time to time

1. JBL Charge 2

JBL Charge 2
Sound: A+ 
Looks: B 
Best Price: Rs 11,890 (

Even the Charge 1 was brilliant, so we don't really have much complaints from its successor, which delivers outstanding sound for its dimension and price. If you are looking for a product not as highly priced as Esquire or Soundlink III, this is a wise choice. 

Its ability to charge other devices like phones, tablets and music players is a boon. This apart, Charge 2's long battery life, perky looks and insignificant distortion should justify the price point.

Key features: Bluetooth, speaker phone, 12-hours of playback.

2. Bose Soundlink III

Bose Soundlink III
Sound: A++ 
Looks: A 
Best price: Rs 22,400 ( 

Bose is a snooty label. While everyone is in the rat race for making devices affordable, Bose still wants to keep it high-profile by playing at a price point that's beyond the reach of mango people. Are we here just to complain? Not really, especially after using Soundlink III, which is several notches better than the first Soundlink that they had launched.

Absolutely no distortion, a treat for both bass and treble lovers, and supremely functional, Soundlink III can play music for roughly 12-13 hours on a single recharge and just in case you don't like the looks of the product, you can customise it with colourful casings.This machine is so heavy (weighs 1.37 kg) that it can alternatively be used to break someone's head! 

Key features: Bluetooth, Aux input, USB port allows for software update, Optional 12V car charge.

3. ENRG LED Bulb speaker

ENRG LED Bulb speaker
Sound: B 
Looks: A+ 
Best price: Rs 2,590 ( 

This product amazes you much more for its functionality than for its performance because it can be fitted like a bulb in your regular CFL or bulb holder; that makes it a superbly unique concept product. But does it live up to the standards of sound? We are not really sure. 

It doesn't need any charging, can be paired with any device, and lets you remote control it.

Key features: Bluetooth, 2 colour LED modules, stereo sound, low power consuming LED lamp.

4. Nude Audio Move M

Nude Audio Move M
Sound: B+ 
Looks: A+ 
Best price: Rs 4,000 ( 

It's the stud in this list of travel speakers. It can fit in your back pocket, be sneaked into lunch boxes, grabbed by the cord and tossed like a key chain.More of a looker, M does disappoint you with its sound quality but it's the best possible sound that can be delivered in this size. 

We leave that for you to decide. Additionally, the shock-proof silicon enclosure saves it from damage and the eight hours of playback is indeed an added plus.

Key features: Bluetooth, doubles up as speaker-phone, Bluetooth connectivity of up to 10 m.

5. Portronics Glitz

Portronics Glitz
Sound: B 
Looks: A++ 
Best Price: Rs 3,760 ( 

Glitz, because of its display of multi-coloured LED lights that sync to music, will remind you of those numerous light and sound shows that your parents dragged you to while you were growing up. Glitz's edge is in its looks, brilliant price point, the ease of connection, long battery life and the build quality. Yes, the sound distorts a bit at high volume, but it brilliantly handles the bass if you can keep it low. 

The rubber enclosure ensures the device doesn't slip away, while its size, which is a bit bigger than a beer can, makes sure that you can carry it to a party too.

Key features: Bluetooth, NFC, Micro SD card slot, full phone function, aux-in.

6. Harman Kardon Esquire

Harman Kardon Esquire
Sound: A 
Looks: A 
Best price: Rs 20,000 ( 

It's loud enough for the tent that you have set up near the riverside, well-built for reckless handling and sounds so precise that it's second to just one speaker in this list. No brownie point for the right guess! Esquire is chic, courtesy the leather panel at the rear and the metal finish on the rest of the body. 

The dual drivers and a built-in bass port deliver crystal-clear sound, while the noise cancelling capabilities make sure that your phone call is free from any sort of external disturbance. Only if the product is priced in telligently, Esquire can be a show stopper in this category.

Key features: Bluetooth, NFC, speaker phone, 8 hours of playback, dual microphone for conference calls.

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