Sunday, December 21, 2014

Samsung to shut down ChatOn in February 2015

Samsung has confirmed that the ChatOn service will shut down in all markets barring the US where it will be discontinued in Q1.
Looks like Samsung's ChatOn messaging service is shutting down next year.

Samsung to shut down ChatOn in February 2015Following a report by Korea's Yonhap News, that quoted the South Korean electronics giant as saying that the service would close with effect from February 1 in its home market, Samsung has acknowledged the move.

In a statement to Engadget, it informed that the ChatOn service will shut down in all markets barring the US where it will be discontinued in Q1. The company did not announce a date for the US shutdown.

According to the Yonhap report, Samsung had said that the decision to shut down the service was "in line with efforts to meet the changing demands in the market and provide differentiated services to users, focusing on other areas such as health and mobile commerce."

It also assured users that they will be able to store their chat records, photos and videos shared through the messenger before the service shuts down.

Last month, The Korea Times had also reported news of the service's expected closure but Samsung had refuted the claim.

In September 2013, Samsung had claimed the ChatOn service had a user base of 100 million with India and China being the key markets.

A cross-platform instant messaging service, ChatON, enables users of smartphones, tablets, PCs and Samsung feature phones, to exchange text and multimedia content. It was announced in August 2011 with initial availability in 120 countries supporting 62 languages.

It's worth pointing out that the service faced stiff competition from the likes of WhatsApp, Line and WeChat which claim to have a considerably bigger active user base. WhatsApp claimed to have 600 million active users in August and is reportedly the biggest among all services.

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