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5 Must Have Smartphone App to Assist you in Daily Life

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Smartphones have made our lives easy and organised. In our busy schedule, we have become so dependable on our mobiles and have somehow integrated our tasks to it, either to keep their records or to make reminders or may be to keep them organized.

For your ease and convenience, here are 5 must have Smartphone App to assist you in daily life.

1.    1. 1password.
In the hectic schedule and burden of work, you often forgot your username and passwords you use for various online sites. To help you avoid this problem, this app assists you by storing all your user name and passwords in a secured online vault. The only password you need to remember is of your 1password Account. This is the best app for storing and generating your secured information online and is easily available for free on Google Play or Apple App Store.

2.     2. TrueCaller App
This App let you know who is calling, even if you don’t have their number. It search unknown contacts from around the world. The latest version is now replacing your contact list, making it more productive by synchronising more contact details and photos from social networking sites and other  TrueCaller users. Another smart feature is to block telemarketing and spam calls. The limited version of app is available for free on Apple store, Google Play and windows app store with an in-app purchase feature.

3.      3. Shazam
Shazam is the best music app available for Smartphones, Pc and Mac. It helps to identify the music by listening to the song. In seconds it tell you about the song name, its artists and the album. The app allow you to buy the tracks from Amazon, Itunes and Google Play. You can watch videos on YouTube, have real time lyrics and share your music discoveries on social networks. With the latest version you can create your playlist by connecting to Rdio using Shazam. This App is available for free on app stores.

        4. Mint Bills ( formerly known as Check App).
Mint Bills app helps you to organise all your bills, this app reminds you of the due dates of your bills and helps you pay them in just single click. It absorb your bank and credit card details to make your payments faster. This helps you avoid unnecessary late payment surcharges charges on your bills. This is a trustworthy and award winning app and is available at the app stores.

5. Google Maps.
This is the most essential and most used app in every day’s life. This app guides you through the road route, places and spots around the world. You can navigate using it and never get lost. It comes preloaded in Android phones and need to be installed in iPhone and iPad. Unlike Apple maps, it has various advantages over it. It also features voice search and voice guided GPS navigation for driving and biking purposes.

Mentioned above are the 5 best apps in their perspective field. You can use these smartphone apps in your daily life for doing and organising your daily tasks in an easy and efficient way. Check these apps on your own to explore them.

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