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The Best Gadgets for Watching Internet Content on Your TV

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Internet content like movies, music and YouTube videos is not done justice to by watching it on a screen on your PC or laptop. The only way to maximize streaming content is through your TV but up until recently there has been no easily identifiable way to do this in a way that is simple, straightforward and cost effective. However, things have changed now as there are many gadgets available that allow us to enjoy internet content on our television screens. Plus, the easy availability of internet bundles has also made things smoother. You can get a good bundle here:

There is a lot of money in this industry, which is why big companies are producing content for the internet and hence the demand for such devices is on a constant rise.

To help you pick the right gadget for watching internet content on your TV, given below is a list of some of the best such gadgets.

Roku 3 - $80-$100
This high-end media player offers 2000 channels and services including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Instant, HBO Go and Hulu Plus. The Roku 3 is easy to use with a clean, simple interface. As a box instead of a stick, you would expect it to have higher performance and that is what you get with its fast processor. The box is accompanied by a remote which is simple and easy to use. It comes with headphones, though, which does seem slightly unnecessary given it pushes up the price. Overall, it is an easy way to access a lot of online content.

Amazon Fire TV -$99
Amazon is clearly trying to sell this on this ability to stream content to your TV as well as gaming. It comes with a remote control and if youre willing to pay more, a video game controller. With a graphics processor to support the gaming aspect, some gamers will be tempted especially with the fairly wide range of games available. One plus is that it pre-loads content that it thinks you might enjoy. However, at the higher end of the price range, are you buying this to play games or watch content? Although no HDMI cable is included,

Google Chromecast - $36
This is an excellent budget option that plugs directly into your HDMI port on your TV. Connecting to WIFI, this enables you to watch content from Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Pandora, ESPN and MLB.TV. This a great, inexpensive way to see what all the fuss is about with streaming content to your TV. It is controlled by your laptop, PC or tablet. Be aware, though, that it does not allow to watch media that you already have saved on those devices.  Check out my review here.

Apple TV 3rd Generation
Apple will always attract attention in whatever area of technology but this time it is not wholly deserved. Whilst users can watch their own existing content on their TV, it is only compatible with other Apple device like IPod or IPad etc. Saving graces are that they now offer a HDMI cable included and as always, the box is beautiful in its design. In terms of streaming service there are plenty.  But if youre not an existing Apple user this isnt even an option and even if you are, at this price range you need to think carefully.

Roku Streaming stick $40
At the lower to mid-range, this stick offers wireless connection, no need for HDMI cables and doesnt require another device to control it as it comes with a control.  As mentioned above, the Roku interface is very user friendly and has wide range of services. It is certainly good value and probably lays out the direction of here TV streaming is headed. We love this stick but others have commented that they found the interface a little slower than theyd like . Overall, the ease of use and range of content make it a winner.
All these devices have carved a niche in the industry and have their own benefits. Roku is considered the best by many, but Amazong Fire is not very far behind. Nonetheless, the best device depends on your budget and your requirements, so shop carefully.

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