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Clever Ways to Promote Your Ecommerce Website

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So you have just begun your new eCommerce web site. What next? Contemplating your marketing approach is essential for your business to succeed. There are many options available to cover some of the best ecommerce promotional approaches. The following clever ways will bring targeted customers to your online store.
Apply SEO
Search engine optimization is an effective tool for getting targeted audience to your eCommerce website. It‘s easy for search engines such as Google and others to find search engine optimized websites. Allow keywords to flow naturally in your content so that they get attracted to the search engines. For example, if you sell sports accessories, use keywords and phrases like “online fitness equipment store” and “buy sports goods.” Avoid overuse of Flash and Javascript as this makes difficult for search engines to find the content.
Create and follow your blog
Blogging is not limited for only writing; it is also about building relationships. Your blog should have informative content that can attract your targeted clients and help them know more about your service or product offerings. You can also ask other bloggers of your niche to write for your product or customer reviews. Accept guest posting on your blog. Add links to related content on your webpage in your blog. Connect your blog to your webpage. Respond to your readers’ queries and comments on your blog regularly. This will build trust in your customers.
Email marketing
If customers and visitors are satisfied with your site, they would have left email addresses and requested to be informed of future developments and offers. This list of names serves as a valuable resource. Send email alerts to everyone on this list about news about your business or a new offer. This is an excellent way to spread the word. It also helps to connect to your customers.
Banner Ads
First-impression is the best impression. If you can afford, create attractive, high-quality banner ads and post them on sites that are likely to draw a similar customer base. You can also purchase banner directly from the owners of your targeted sites.
Use social networking sites
Use the power of social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. Create your company page on Facebook and encourage your customers to follow you. Use twitter to tweet about your latest promotions, sales, special discounts or any new service related to your site.
Business cards and Pamphlets
Design business cards and pamphlets that have your e-commerce URL printed on them. Hand them out to people in your circles.
Participate in Forums
Use Google search to find forums that are relevant to your e-commerce website. You may come across forum members who have queries about your product and services. Participate in forum discussions and answer their queries. It does not only promote your e-commerce website but also get you a good amount of backlinks.

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