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What Type Of Phone Is Right For My Business?

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Knowing what type of gadgets to use in your business can be difficult. There are all sorts of options available, and you’re inundated with advertisements offering you the latest deals all the time. It doesn’t help that there are so many different types of cell phones out there. From Samsung to Sony, it’s very difficult to understand what will be most beneficial for your needs.

We can’t go through every single phone device on the market today, so instead, we’re going to look at the operating systems they are built around. By this, we’re talking about iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more. Let’s get started.


This is a platform that is shared by many different makers of phones, from Samsung to HTC. It’s the most common smartphone operating system that you’ll see on the market, simply because it’s found in so many devices. It’s easy to use, is compatible with most things, and has a good selection of apps. As a business user, you won’t go far wrong with an Android device. Make sure you’re getting something that has a good CPU and an efficient amount of RAM. Otherwise, it might be too slow for your needs.


iOS is the operating system of choice for all of Apple’s products. Obviously, this includes the ultra-popular iPhone. It is a tried and tested operating system that has consistently been seen as the best in the business. iPhones are a great choice for business users. They look elegant, offer all sorts of exclusive features, and are easy to use. They also tie in very well other Apple products such as the iPad. You’ll be buying into a company that is consistently successful as well. Part of this is because they aren’t afraid to take risks, including the Apple stock split a couple of years ago. Most importantly, they have innovated in all sorts of areas, from the original iPod to the iPhone and iPad.

Windows Phone

There are plenty of phones out there that use Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. While not as popular as the previous two mentions on our list, it is still in good circulation. You can enjoy the benefits of Microsoft exclusive products such as Microsoft Office, too. Sometimes, you can even get an Office 365 subscription in the mix. The downside to Windows Phone mainly extends to the app marketplace, which is quite lacking. Still, if you’re not so bothered about apps, there’s no reason why this couldn’t be a good choice for your business phone device.


There are plenty more options on the market as well. If you’re not so keen on smartphones, you could always go back to basics with something like the Nokia 100. This is incredibly simplistic but does a basic job well. There are also operating systems on the market like Firefox OS, but they haven’t taken off as they might have hoped it would. Then, there’s the Blackberry OS, which is found in Blackberry phones. These types of phones were long considered the phone of choice for business users back in the late 2000’s. Unfortunately, the company has struggled since then.

There are so many choices available! Do your research, and pick something that is right for you. 

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