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Car Ownership will all End by 2025 –says Lyft’s President

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Recently Lyft president and co-founder John Zimmer released a document in which he has given a bold prediction that by 2025 there will be no more car ownership by individuals and even before that majority of the rides on road would be of autonomous vehicles. This end of private car ownership will bring in a drastic change in many ways. Predominant change could be noticed in parking lots in streets which will be transformed into houses. Daily riders on road would have different comfortable experience thereafter while riding due to reduced traffic and better regulated routes and roads.

The title of the document itself was very revolutionary which goes as "The Third Transportation Revolution: Lyft’s Vision for the Next Ten Years and beyond”. Zimmer had earlier announced in an interview a fantasy view of the future where driverless cars would be found everywhere. The reason he says in the document for the same is that the people would get addicted to the comfortableness being offered by them for their each ride. He says that in few countries Lyft provides 10 different vehicle types for its customers that include a car with a sleeper coach that could be used by the customer to take a nap if he needs to. He also claims that their company offers cars that come with high hospitality experience which has provisions for watching movies; wi-fi and few even come with bar kind of facility.  It is quite natural human tendency for people to stop preferring using their own vehicle and instead prefer using such options where they have never have to deal with parking, maintenance and cleaning of the car. But many automobile industries are not happy with the statement because they are not having any future such plans to venture out into automatic cars completely leaving behind the other productions.

Lyft has planned to operate its business by attaching with drivers with their own vehicle for quite some time and after which technology might advance and all that would be needed are just the automatic cars and its app with sophisticated technology. All that the customer need to do then is just hail a taxi through the app and pay for it on the distance basis in prior through the same app. However Zimmer rises questions to himself about few things like ‘What will happen for drivers post that technology development?’ and ‘How could rules and regulations frames then?’ in his future fantasy prediction. He isn’t hesitant about making comments about the opponents and rivals company’s future plans and services being launched.

Even before Lyft, the company’s main rival in the country Uber has given similar statement about the testing of its self-driving cars on road on-demand basis. And giant companies like Ford have started to claim that their own manufactured driverless cars will be on-road by 2025.

Zimmer’s ‘Marketing stunts’ comment on the company’s rival

U.S based rival for the company, Uber has taken giant leap by testing their self-driven cars on-road in demand basis. It is called as the most innovative and appreciable effort throughout the industry as it involves too much of risk and the company should have had a detailed plan to even give it a try. But Zimmer who seems to be unsatisfied with this move and terms it as ‘Marketing stunts’ not sure of the actual reason though. However good initiative it might be, after all it’s their rival efforts for which reason it doesn’t deserved any appreciation.
"Elon is right that a network of vehicles is critical, but the transition to an autonomous future will not occur primarily through individually owned cars," Zimmer writes in the essay. "It will be both more practical and appealing to access autonomous vehicles when they are part of Lyft’s networked fleet”, he added which shows their confident over their system and sophisticated application.

Elon’s statement about the network of vehicles
Zimmer’s "vision for the next 10 years and beyond" seems to generate headlines for Lyft in all media which happened in the right time for them when most of news channels were covering the business growth of its rivals or about its failed attempts to improve the customer base. Companies  were ready to offer $6 billion for buying Lyft, which was a long way from the $8–10 billion being sought by the company. And other reports have suggested that Lyft was involved in acquisition discussions with a variety of companies, including Apple, Google, Uber, and Didi Chuxing.
When questioned about it Zimmer refused to accept the notion stating that the document was not published to create any headline for the company rather it was intended to serve the people and mother earth. He said “Cars have really taken over our landscape". He states that modern cities were designed for cars rather than people. Parking lots waste valuable space and wide roads take the place of public sidewalks and front yards. By making it cheaper to hail a self-driving car than own your own vehicle, Lyft and other companies can change the way U.S cities work. Finally He warns people that only every hundred years once only we get an opportunity to re-track things back into right position.

However at the end he completely admits that it could be a while before self-driving cars take over, probably even more than 10 years. The technology still needs to improve and regulations need to adapt. In the meantime, we could see a hybrid network of autonomous vehicles and human drivers emerge. The economical effectiveness of self-driving cars would soon make people prefer it instead of owing a vehicle.

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